We were last inspected by Ofsted in May 2013. Inspectors concluded that…..

The Sixth Form is outstanding and Sixth Form students achieve exceptionally well. None leave without a placement for education or further training and most go on to study at university

An outstanding range of subjects and activities with a strong international dimension provide exceptional depth, variety and challenge for students’ learning. In particular, they prepare students exceptionally well for the Sixth Form

Teaching in the Sixth Form is outstanding, enabling students to achieve exceptionally well over time

Teachers identify clearly for students what they expect them to do, and link the outcomes closely to examination criteria. As a result students are aware of what they need to know and understand in order to reach, for example, their target grade in the topic they are studying

Relationships are strong, so students trust their teachers and other adults and are confident to ask for help or clarification when they need it

Teachers mark students’ work regularly, and their comments often provide detailed guidance on improvement

Students demonstrate highly positive attitudes to learning. They want to do well and are prepared to work hard to achieve the best results they can. Many students travel considerable distances to come to the school but attendance is above average. This reflects their commitment to school and their studies

Sixth-form students work hard and are excellent ambassadors for the school

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