World of Work Day

On Friday 21st January 2022, Year 11 students will participate in our annual “World of Work” day, where they will gain an insight into the skills and attitudes required to flourish in their future careers.

In recent Citizenship lessons, the students have created a curriculum vitae using our online careers platform, Unifrog.

These documents will be analysed by experienced professionals from a variety of industry backgrounds during the “mock interview” part of the day. The students will articulate their learner profile attributes of strength, their passion for the subjects they study and their ambitions for their future careers, before receiving feedback from the professionals.

The students shall then move on to a personal finance workshop hosted by “Wizeup financial education”, where they shall learn about taxation, investment and pensions, before exploring a wide variety of career pathways on Unifrog.

The day will culminate with a visiting speaker from the Peter Jones Foundation, who shall inform students of her experiences as an entrepreneur.