Code of Conduct

Ready, Respectful and Safe
We have presented to all of our students over this first full week back at school, in September 2021, the importance of being ‘Ready, Respectful and Safe’ in school. This programme aims to teach students the importance of these three key terms.

We want our students to come to school ready to learn, that includes having the correct equipment, uniform and being well organised with their work, including coursework and homework. We want them to be ready to be challenged in their learning by having a positive attitude to learning, being ready to accept differences and being open – minded. We want them to be ready to make the most of the opportunities available to them, including the 84 different extra-curricular activities we offer and be ready to care for themselves, others and their environment whilst appreciating those who help them achieve.
We want our students to demonstrate respect in school and in our local and wider communities. We will be asking them to think about how they address their teachers, using sir and ma’am, speaking to each other, considering their language and being polite to all school community members. We want them to think about being respectful towards the resources we have in school such as IT equipment, as well as litter in our classrooms and playgrounds. We want them to think how respectful they come across in our local shops and towards our local residents and travellers when travelling to and from school.
We will teach our students how to stay safe in school, whilst they are travelling and when they are on-line. We will teach them how to tackle unkindness and bullying and how to avoid risky behaviour and how to demonstrate tolerance and respect. We will encourage them to reflect on their mistakes, how to avoid risks to their health and how to seek help and advice when things are bothering them.  
As parents, we ask that you talk to your child about Ready, Respectful, Safe. We ask that you ensure that they are ready for school and encourage a positive mindset towards attending school and the value of learning. We ask that you consider challenging your child on why we have to be respectful and share your own examples of this with them. We ask that you encourage them to be safe and explain what risk is and how they can avoid this. We will regularly visit these three important areas throughout the academic year and share with you examples of where our students go above and beyond in demonstrating these.

Anglo Agreement


All students in Year 7-11 are expected to wear the correct uniform. Details of the current uniform requirements can be found here.

Guidance for our Sixth form students’ dress code can be found as a download on this page.