Silver Surfers

Anglo European School has opened its doors to groups of local senior citizens, to form our Silver Surfers Group. The ‘Anglo Silver Surfers’ group is part of the Ingatestone school’s programme to teach IT skills to the elderly community. The surfers develop their skills in the schools main state of the art computer suite. Tea and biscuits ensure that the surfers all paddle with confidence with the help of the tuition from the 6th form students. One of our sixth formers commented on “how much she enjoyed teaching, and volunteer ICT teaching would be something she would like to do in the future, especially with the older community”. This was backed up by one of the pensioners’ in that “this is a wonderful way to learn new vital skills”. Fun and learning were had by all, as both groups – the OAP’s and 6th formers embark of learning new skills and realising new talents!

Litter busters

Our Litter busters have been commended for their commitment towards helping to keep Ingatestone free from litter. Our Litter busters are a group of students who volunteer to visit the village during their lunch time and help to collect litter which has been dropped.

Co-op Community Cards

The school has a number of Co-op Community cards which are available to members of the community. The community card can be used when purchasing items from the Co-op in Ingatestone. Each time the card is used, the Co-op will donate a small sum of money to the school which is in turn used to support the education and enrichment opportunities for students at the school. If you wish to be issued with a community card, please contact he school office on 01277 354018.