An inclusive, baccalaureate curriculum

Abroad, baccalaureate-style curriculum including experience of Languages, the Arts, Humanities and Technology as well as Mathematics, English,Science, Physical Education and Citizenship for all students up to the age of 16 and beyond defines the Anglo experience. This experience is enriched by a strong international dimension.

A baccalaureate education is one in which a range of experiences are provided concurrently allowing young people to make connections and enhance their learning. It is an education that ensures a breadth of study is maintained and opportunities are provided that enable young people to apply what they are learning in real situations. It is a holistic approach to education. Our buildings reflect our unique character: Our Enterprise Suite includes business-standard seminar facilities and a Global Communications room equipped with a video wall, interactive smart screens and video-conferencing facilities. Our Sanctuary is a place of quiet for staff and students alike where those of faith and, indeed, no faith can come to a deeper understanding of each other and the world in which they live. Our outdoor classroom adds a new dimension to classroom teaching particularly in English, Drama and Music. Our Gymnasium was designed with trampolining,gymnastics and dance in mind and our Sports Hall has modern facilities for cricket used by our local County cricket club. The Lingua Block creates interactive space for the learning of languages as well as a base for Special Educational Needs. Our refectory offers a varied and healthy menu where no money need change hands due to our cashless catering technology.

The Anglo is an inclusive, secular school which celebrates the diversity of the human race but also encourages children to explore and develop faith and belief.