Government & Politics

Politics is led by Ms Dawton, aided by Mr Newton. The teaching of the A level course is split along the lines of their other specialisms (Mr Newton – Economics, Ms Dawton – History) at both AS and A2, and they form a successful team in making sure students on the course are well prepared, enjoy their studies and achieve meaningful grades comparable with their abilities.

Extra Curricular

We offer a wide range of related extra curricular activities to help students engage with their Politics studies. For example, on a cyclical basis Politics students are encouraged to attend and take part in the Debating Society where they have the opportunity to debate topical political issues. We additionally take part in the ‘Debating Matters’ national competition. Our students will also visit the Houses of Parliament during the year to see how government works in practice, and where we have been lucky enough to have been shown around by Lord Hanningfield in recent years. This visit is usually combined with a visit to the Cabinet War Rooms to analyse how government works in times of crisis. Time permitting we additionally look to visit the Supreme Court of the UK to investigate the role of the judiciary in UK Politics.

Independent Learning

Students are expected to organise their work independently and meet all deadlines. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for planning, drafting and proof reading their work. The more successful candidates will use the drafting process properly and take full advantage of the teacher input available, particularly when planning larger essay questions. Students are encouraged to use the Sixth Form Study Room to complete their work, where a host of resources related to the subject are available.

Useful Websites

All of these websites are useful for both course content and additionally a range of views on domestic and international political events. This subject thrives on justified opinion and we encourage our students to debate and form arguments on the topics covered as well as topical political news stories. We study Route D of the Edexcel course which is the most international curriculum on offer and ties in very well with the ethos of the school. We have a healthy number of students who go on to take both Politics and International Relations at Universities around the country and even at some international universities as well.

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