Religious Studies

Year 7 – 9

In Key Stage 3, each unit of study is based around a central philosophical enquiry question. Students are encouraged to look at different religious and non-religious responses to the question, as well as analysing and justifying their own beliefs.

The Essex Agreed Syllabus for RE is followed.  Students extend their understanding of Christianity and other principal religions in a local, national and global context. They deepen their understanding of important beliefs, concepts and issues of truth and authority in religion. They apply their understanding of religious and philosophical beliefs, teachings and practices to a range of ultimate questions and ethical issues, with a focus on self-awareness, relationships, rights and responsibilities.

Students enquire into and explain some personal, philosophical, theological and cultural reasons for similarities and differences in religious beliefs and values, both within and between religions. They interpret religious texts and other sources, recognising both the power and limitations of language and other forms of communication in expressing ideas and beliefs.

Students reflect on the impact of religion and belief in the world, considering both the importance of interfaith dialogue and the tensions that exist within and between religions and beliefs. They develop their evaluative skills, showing reasoned and balanced viewpoints when considering their own and others’ responses to religious, philosophical and spiritual issues.



We follow the Eduqas course which is divided into three sections:

  • Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Studies in the Modern World
  • Study of Christianity
  • Study of a World Faith

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Sixth Form:


We follow the Eduqas course which is divided into three sections:

  • A Study of Religion: Christianity
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Religious Ethics

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The department organises a number of enrichment: Year 8 pupils have an opportunity to visit the Bhaktivedanta Manor Hindu Temple in Hertfordshire. Year 9 pupils have an opportunity to hear a first-hand account from a Holocaust survivor.

Enrichment material widely available for students of religious studies of particular use are:

You will find some very interesting and highly relevant podcasts from the BBC ‘In Our Time’ series:


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