Subject Intent

The German department seeks to develop ambitious and resilient linguists. We aim to provide an understanding of German in a range of themes which enables students to communicate effectively in authentic situations on their exchange visits and to be able to use the language practically in their futures. We intend to develop our students to be inquisitive and curious about German-speaking cultures, knowledgeable and open-minded as they personally develop through their learning of German. 

Subject Implementation

The German department uses an array of strategies to engage students and tackle the five key skills of Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Translation. Through the different themes, students are gradually exposed to language in different tenses as well as many other grammatical elements. We use regular 10-point testing to build memory, flipped learning to give students ownership, modelling to support understanding and group and pair work to build teamwork and communication skills. Our lessons are differentiated to meet the different needs of our students. Additionally, we have the FCSE course in year 10 and 11 for a select group of students in order to support their learning journeys. Our implementation goes beyond the classroom walls and is enriched through a wealth of enrichment and oversees opportunities with our partners schools across Germany.   

Subject Impact

We strive for our students to be able to demonstrate a breadth of knowledge and to have an enthusiasm for the subject that means they want to keep studying into the Sixth Form and beyond. We always aim to achieve at least an ALPS 4 which means our students are above average. However, our impact goes far beyond data as our students will show intercultural understanding and build relationships with their peers oversees and a number go on to pursue German once they have finished their education with us.