The Mathematics Department is staffed by a dedicated team of well-qualified and specialist teachers, led by a management team under the overall direction of the Head of Department, Ms S. A. Ebbs. The Head of Department has overall responsibility for all key stages and for the vision and ethos of the department, for curriculum development and staff development needs.

Other co-ordinators in the department take responsibility for Key Stage 3 and 4 and intervention. In particular Mrs N. Howard is in charge of Key Stage 4, Mrs E. Cole is in charge of Key Stage 3 and Mr D. Kugananthan is in charge of assessment and intervention.

Setting All students are taught in mixed ability classes in Year 7 until October half term, when they are set according to ability in line with school policy. Students then continue to be set in Years 8 & 9. Setting arrangements are fluid and monitored continually as a result of regular testing and internal assessments.

Extra-Curricular Activities The more able mathematicians in each year group enter the UK Maths Challenge each year. We also enter various team challenges and have reached the finals of National Competitions on several occasions.

The Maths Clinic runs each week on a Monday from 3.30 until 4.30. This is staffed voluntarily by our own Mathematics teachers. Students from all year groups are welcome to attend. Students come with problems, homework or areas where they are in need of additional help. Students need to bring a letter from parents to say that they can attend. They have to stay until 4.30 unless they have a written note from parents to say that they can leave early.

Extra Revision Source We use the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching Mathematics Enhancement Programme (CIMT MEP) website

Assessment All students are regularly assessed through unit tests in class. Each student will be given a 9-1 grade for every assessment.

Equipment Each student is expected to bring the following to every lesson: Exercise book, text book, black/blue pens, green pen, pencil, ruler, protractor, compass and a scientific calculator. The recommended calculator is the fx-83GT PLUS (CASIO).

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