KS4 Physical Education

The OCR GCSE PE exam board is followed.

The course is split into:-

60% Theory – Two exam papers, each lasting one hour and consisting of  multiple choice, short answers and long essay type questions.

Paper 1 – Physical Factors affecting performance includes topics such as a) Applied anatomy and physiology and b) Physical training.

Paper 2 – Socio-cultural issues and sports psychology includes topics such as a) Socio-cultural influences, b) Sports psychology and c) Health, fitness and well-being.

30% Practical – 3 sports are assessed based on performance, each of which are graded out of 20. At least one of these sports must be an individual activity and at least one must be a team activity. Students can no longer be assessed as an official or coach.

Students who are taking GCSE P.E must attend compulsory lunch time clubs in the sports that they are taking. These clubs are written on the P.E extra-curricular timetable.

Sports that we are unable to offer due to expertise or facilities, such as horse riding and skiing, can be submitted as one of the three sports with video evidence.

10% Analysis and Evaluation of Performance – Observation of their own or a peer’s performance to analyse and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of performance. Students then need to write an action plan which aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of performance.

Text Book: OCR GCSE P.E Second Edition (9-1), John Honeybourne. Hodder Edcuation.

Revision Guide: ‘My revision notes’ OCR (9-1) PE 2nd edition