Studying from home guidance

RE: Accessing school work for children currently absent from school

If your child is not able to come to school but is well and able to complete school work, then we have devised the following list of resources that can be accessed from home. It may be possible for your child’s teacher to set individual work in some circumstances, but in general this is not possible as they will be in school and planning, preparing and marking work in school. 


  • AES school website ( – student curriculum area – here you will find guidance on the curriculum, suggested on-line resources and emergency work. This page outlines and links to our curriculum pages. 
  • Showmyhomework ( – here your children will find homework set specifically for their classes. This is updated regularly each day.
  • It may be possible for some parents to purchase copies of selected textbooks for some subjects. If we need information on which books to purchase, then please contact your child’s teacher(s).
  • If your child is following an examination course, then the relevant examination board will have numerous examples of support materials, such as past examination papers and practice tests.
  • – there are references to this website in most of the curriculum/emergency work available for both KS3 and GCSE.
  • Gojimo GCSE revision App online
  • Tutur2U teaching materials and revision
  • Seneca free materials
  • Online news and current affairs content, such as BBC News, Channel 4 news, National Geographic
  • Podcasts – numerous examples from the BBC, such as “In Our Time” and “Global News Podcast” or TED talks Daily


  • Mathswatch: – Go to – ‘Your username is similar to your school username but with @aesessex on the end. – Your original password was mathswatch, however you should have changed this’. 
  • Hegarty Maths on You Tube – online tutorials for all students KS3, GCSE and 6th form 
  • Students following Maths Mastery: Eedi – Go to – Your username is similar to your school but with aesessex on the end and your password is maths. 





Map manipulation Apps such as, and


Religious Studies
Particularly useful website resources can be found at the following:


Physical Education

  • Year 7-11 core PE. If you are well enough to do so, try to keep active and healthy. Below are some suggested activities:
  • Devise a circuit training session to do at home
  • Search some fitness videos you could do from home via You Tube, such as Joe Wicks- Go for a long country walk, jog or bike ride, if suitable

GCSE PE students

  • At the end of each chapter in your revision guide you will find exam practice questions. Attempt these then mark your own work using the mark scheme at the back of the book.
  • Use your revision guide to make notes on topics you have not yet been taught