Digital Comms


Head of Subject

Mr O Goodwin

Careers in the Classroom

Key Stage 3

Subject Intent

The aim of the digital communication department is to introduce students to media studies and computer science and give them a flavour of what GCSE level study is like. We focus on developing a number of key skills across both disciplines with media analysis and programming at the core of what we deliver. We also strive to embed an understanding of how to utilise modern technology in a safe and responsible way. We want our students to be inquisitive and open to the possibilities our future pathways offer. 

Subject Implementation

We aim to give students a realistic experience of what GCSE study in our subject areas is like, through practical projects and theory lessons. The focus of the projects we deliver is often student driven, giving them an opportunity to link the subjects to their own daily lives. We try to embed this further by setting flipped learning tasks for students to build upon their understanding of how these subjects affect their lives. Whether that be in the form of scrutinising the media they consume, or adjusting the way they interact with technology. At intervals throughout KS3 our projects also have an international theme, utilising research skills to make their work take on board ideas and content from around the world. Our project work is all assessed to a GCSE standard, which students can track using the monitoring sheets on their folders. 

Subject Impact

We want our students to leave us at the end of KS3 with a solid foundation for our subjects if they choose to continue study at GCSE level. 

We look to develop our media studies students in terms of their use of subject terminology and understanding of crucial analysis techniques, like intertextuality and colour psychology. 

We want our computer science students to understand the rigours of the subject and to develop their theoretical and practical programming skills.