Subject Intent:

The Art Department seeks to develop students’ visual language and hone the skills needed to make them confident and knowledgeable practitioners. They will understand the creative process and develop the skills and knowledge needed to produce art. They will have experience in working in a range of media and using a range of techniques. By the end of the Keystage they should possess the skills and understanding needed to study art at GCSE.

Subject Implementation:

By the time students complete Keystage 3 they should have a sound grasp of the Formal Elements. Students will experience creating work that focuses on line, colour, tone, form, texture and pattern. They will also be taught how different artists’ work embodies specific formal elements. Students will experience using a range of 2D and 3D materials and techniques, including tempera paint, watercolours, oil pastels, chalk pastels, pencil, charcoal, cardboard, wire, printing and collaging materials. They will be taught the importance and relevance of working from primary source materials. Additionally, they will be taught how observational studies form the basis of more complex projects. Towards the end of Keystage 3 students will focus on portraiture – they will learn how to create a range of portraits using different techniques. To do this they will look at the work of a selection of major portrait artists.

Subject Impact:

We aim for our students to be confident practitioners whose work shows a good grasp of key areas in Art. They should be able to create work that shows developing skills and knowledge. Their work should show a greater level of sophistication and expertise when using a range of techniques and media. Students should be able to annotate the work of different artists and make comparisons with the work of other artists and their own work. Students should be able to understand the creative process and how it impacts on their life and other people’s lives. They should be creative, inquisitive, imaginative, patient, focused, diligent and risk takers.