Head of Department

Miss Elaine Jessop

Careers in the Classroom

There are 4 Art teachers who teach all key stages. There are also specialist teachers from other subjects who teach areas such as Art History to Lower Sixth students.

As with the GCSE, students carry out research on a given theme or themes. Some observational work is produced to hone the students’ skills. Some is produced to gather first hand research. This work is done in a variety of media such as pencil, paint & pastels. Some visual research is gathered from books & the internet. Research work on different artists and designers is also undertaken. Based on the aforementioned research, students explore different ideas and techniques using a variety of materials. This experimentation is in 2D and 3D. Students then create final pieces. Some of this work is produced in sketch books. Some of it is done in class and some is set for homework. The A level syllabus includes a written Personal Study.

Setting Arrangements

Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups. In Year 7 they are taught in tutor groups. In Years 8 & 9 the four tutor groups on each half of the year group are divided into five slightly smaller groups. Pupils are taught in these groups for Art and Technology. At Key Stage 4 there are usually 3 Art groups and again they are mixed ability. In the Sixth Form students are expected to have GCSE Art and Design grade B, or above, or the equivalent. If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all. Michelangelo

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Art rooms are usually available at lunch time for students to continue working on their class work, if they wish to. For Year 7 pupils there is an Art and Crafts club. ‘Talented’ pupils have been invited to take part in a number of events such as Chinese lantern making and taking part in the Chinese New Year festival. ‘Talented’ pupils from Year 9 & 10 made Chinese lanterns. They then took part in a lantern lit procession as part of the Chinese New year celebrations in Brentwood. Chinese headdresses – designed and made by ‘Talented’ pupils in Years 8 & 9. These were worn by pupils, from other schools, who danced at the Chinese Festival of Light that took place in North Weald Park in September 08. Success is dangerous. One begins to copy oneself, and to copy oneself is more dangerous than to copy others. It leads to sterility. Picasso

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