Head of department

Miss E Jessop

Head of Subject

Mr S Barden

KS3 Coordinator

Miss H King

Careers in the Classroom

The Music department is managed overall by the Head of Faculty, Miss Jessop, and lead by the Stuart Barden (Acting Head of Music). The Head of Subject has overall responsibility for all key stages and for the vision and ethos of the department, for curriculum development and staff development needs. The department is also supported by a team of visiting peripatetic teachers. There are two specialist music classrooms; one keyboard suite, the other with a variety of percussion instruments and ICT. Each classroom has a computer linked projector and appropriate subject based ICT. The department has two practice rooms and two band rehearsal rooms.

Music Management and Staffing

Mr S Barden (Acting Head of Music)

Mr C Mears (Teacher of Music)

Peripatetic Staff:

Mrs D Winter (Strings)

Mr T Farrington (Piano)

Mr D Gould (Woodwind & Piano)

Ms D Mardi (Voice)

Mr T Reyland (Percussion)

Mr A Wood (Guitars)

Mr C Sludden (Brass/Piano)

Mrs Jeliazkova-Jones (Violin)

Music Department Aims:

All students, regardless of ethnic and cultural origin, of gender, and of physical and mental ability, have the right to experience music

Essex Government Schemes:

Instrument Hire Scheme View
Music Tuition Voucher Scheme View
The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme View


1.To stimulate and develop an appreciation and enjoyment of music through an active and practical involvement in the main musical activities of listening, performing, appraising and composing
2.To encourage the appreciation of music from many forms of culture and society as a whole
3.To encourage a mature understanding of sound and to nurture a recognition and development of personal sensitivity to sound
4.To demonstrate that music is a language
5.To give opportunity for the development of self-esteem, confidence, maturity and identity
6.To promote an understanding of the principles and the practice of Music (a knowledge and learning of the musical elements which produce actual music, expression and communication)
7.To give opportunity for the learning of an instrument to all pupils in the school. Each pupil learns to play the keyboard in lessons. Pupils will also be given the opportunity to play classroom and orchestral instruments within the curriculum. Opportunity for the use of, and development in, Music ICT is also given in this area


The music department offers a comprehensive range of extra-curricular activities. These include ensembles, Christmas concert, participation in the school’s Eisteddfod and visits to musical performances. The department also regularly contributes to the school’s productions. Past productions have included Les Miserables, Little Shop of Horrors, Guys and Dolls and Bugsy Malone.

The department also holds regular concerts throughout the year, ranging from large events such as the Christmas Concert and B:Fest down to intimate lunchtime sessions.