Visits and Exchanges

In Year 7, all students take part in an activity programme at the Château Ebblinghem near St Omer in northern France. In Year 8 and 9, exchanges are arranged with partner schools in France, Spain, Germany and Italy. The students in the Mandarin Excellence class get the opportunity to go to China in Year 8 with intensive learning and a further residential in the UK in Year 9.  In Year 10, we work with schools and families in China, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.  There is also the option for those studying Japanese to exchange with our partner school in Tokyo.

For senior students there are opportunities to undertake work experience abroad as well as to take part in exchanges that last between 3 and 8 weeks. Other opportunities include a week-long briefing programme at the United Nations in Geneva (the only comprehensive school to have this), community work in Lesotho and visits to the European Parliament. Globex is a programme of activities that take place in school for students who, for whatever reason, do not take part in the visits programme.

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