Visits and Exchanges

L’Avenir: To provide students with the linguistic, creative and social skills to move confidently beyond the boundaries of their own communities as they prepare for the next stage in their lives.

There really is a world of possibilities at the Anglo. Learning outside of the classroom is at the very heart of the educational experience we provide. It challenges and changes children which enables them to grow in confidence and develop informed and open-minded attitudes. All full-time teaching staff make a commitment to support our exchange programme which over 700 students benefit from each year. In addition, there is a diverse schedule of visits and extra-curricular provision which develop a deeper understanding of all subjects. In Year 7, all students take part in an 8 day activity programme at the Château Ebblinghem near St Omer, France. In Year 8, the MEP class attend a residential visit at a University in China. All other students, in both Year 8 and 9, can choose to take part in an exchange to France, Germany, Japan, Italy or Spain. In Year 10, the choice is between China, France, Germany, Japan or Spain. In addition, there are long term exchanges France, Germany or Spain for Year 10 students which last between 4 and 8 weeks.

For Sixth Form students, there are opportunities to undertake international work experience in France, Germany and Spain as well as normal exchanges with the addition of a 10-day exchange to Russian, in Moscow and St Petersburg. Other opportunities include a week-long briefing programme at the United Nations in Geneva or an 18-day community project in Lesotho, South Africa. Globex is a programme of activities that take place in school for students who, for whatever reason, choose not to take part in the visits programme. To view the Visits Curriculum Map, click here, P5 powerpoint.

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