L6 Induction Day 1

Welcome to your virtual Induction Day for this year

Dear potential Lower Sixth students,

I appreciate that this is an unusual way of us trying to deliver what is a very important day in your journey as an Anglo Sixth Former, but we hope that it will still be an effective one. As you can see below we have a timetable split over two days for you which covers a wide range of purposes including allowing you to get to know our Sixth Form better, as well as developing the essential skills of a successful Sixth Former. 

It is important that you follow the videos/ activities in the right order, and it is very important that you answer the quiz at the end as part of the final tasks so that we know how much you have learned from them.

Best wishes
Mr Newton and the Sixth Form Team

Staff Webinar Resources


1. Introduction

Welcome Sixth Form

Plans for the days 2020

2. Form Tutor Introduction

Form Tutor List Sep 2020

H Latimer L6SW

A Willis L6TP

M Jones L6DB

Mr Goodwin L6AK

Mrs Lawrence L6EF

Mr Porter L6LK

Mr Watson LGMG

R Trignani L6 HJ

3. Internationalism at AES

Visits 2021

Lesotho – A view from 2019

4. Subject Routes

A Level




5. Subject videos

Ab initio Chinese intro presentation

AB Initio Spanish

Art A-Level

A-Level Art – Virtual Induction

Biology A-Level

Biology IBH

Biology IBS

Business Applied General A-Level

Drama A-Level

Economics A-Level

English HL

English Lit AL

Financial Studies LIBF

French Introduction Video A Level

German A-Level

IB Business Management

IB Chemistry

IB Economics

IB French

IB Geography

IB Maths

IB Spanish

IBS Chinese

IBS English

Intro to English L&L A-Level P1

Intro to English L&L A-Level P2

Intro to Music A-Level

Maths Analysis and Approaches


Philosophy IB


Physics IB

Psychology A-level

RS A-Level

Sociology A-Level

Spanish A-Level

Textiles A-Level

Top Tips for home learning

6. Sixth Form Study Hacks

Life and Learning Hacks

7. Essential Study Skills

AES Research Tips Interactive

Head Boy and Head Girl team

Head Boy, Girl top tips to essential study habits

Memory task

Sinking Ships ARU

8. Expectations and the School Day

Expectations of an Anglo European Sixth Form Student

Sixth Form Dress Code

The Sixth Form School Day

9. Your future and Careers

UCAS & Careers

10. Final Tasks


Induction Day 2