Day 1 -Getting to know the Sixth Form and essential skills


Follow the link to each numbered resource in order. Make sure you read the instructions for each one. Take notes as you go along from each of the suggested resources. Make sure you keep your work ready to bring in on the first day in September. Complete the quiz as part of the final tasks.


1. Introduction and welcome to AES International Sixth Form ​make a note of key members of the Sixth Form team

2. Form Tutor introductions – Look for your name in the spreadsheet to identify what Form you will be in, then access the appropriate video to say hello to your new Form Tutor

3.International ethos – Why Anglo is different

4. Route videos  – Remember to look for the video for the Route you are studying, make notes

5. Student subject videos introducing the subject from a student perspective- You will find a student video for all subjects, make notes

6. Anglo Study Skills Hacks- ​make notes on all three of these7. Sixth Form Skills – Thinking skills task / Organisation and top tips / Research Skills / Memory skills – notes to be taken

8. Expectations and school day notes to be taken

9. UCAS and Careers etc. notes to be taken10. Final Tasks notes to be taken