Year 9 students visit Cambridge University

Five Year 9 high-performing students from the Anglo European School have participated in the Department for Education’s prestigious Future Scholars Award, attending Cambridge University on the 19th June for a insight into University life and education. Samuel Ameiza-Djabli, Franziska Beck, Tabitha Campbell-Mansfield, Keir May and Max Ros spent a day at the university and undertook a range of activities including discussion  about university life, information and guidance about the impact of sixth form choices, a Q&A session with existing undergraduates, a guided tour of the campus, and a final session punting up and down the river Cam! It was a fantastic day where the students learnt a great deal about the opportunities that await any high-achieving student if they decide to pursue their academic studies into Higher Education. The five students are keen to feedback and share what they learnt with their peers through a presentation and discussion, encouraging other potential future scholars to develop the necessary skills and qualifications necessary to pursue their high aspirations.

“it was a great experience which has certainly helped me gain some understanding of how university works and I am very pleased that I was picked to go”- Max Ros

CAS group help at Model UN day at St Cedds

Members of CAS group visit St Cedds to assist with a Model UN Day.

Pure Talent at the Winter Fair

The AESA Winter Fair took place straight after school on Friday 6th December 2013.  There were a variety of stalls on offer such as a general tombola stall, craft stalls, chocolate tombola stall, jewellery stall, hoopla, play your cards right and splat the rat.  This year we introduced an “international cake stall” where parents contributed a wide range of their traditional delicacies that reflected the multi-cultural diversity that is part of the Anglo European School. 

There were tasty sausages, cheese burgers and vegetarian chilli available throughout the afternoon plus mulled wine.  In addition the school gymnastics team, the choir, and our talented music students all performed on stage in the main hall.  Special guests also included the “Windmill Theatre School” who performed a selection of songs from productions of Chicago, Blood Brothers, Shrek, Miss Saigon and Les Miserables.  Phil Cavil, who played the Engineer in Miss Saigon and the longest running lead as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables (in the West End) performed his signature tunes.

Once again we had a large Bucking Rodeo Bull in the centre of the hall where everyone who took part was competing to see who could stay on the longest before being thrown off.  There was also a  fantastic display of owls in the Euro Lounge.

The Diamond Draw proved popular with a fantastic range of gifts available to be won.  First prize was a mini iPad won by a delighted Year 7 student. 

The School Association produced a brochure “Winter Fair Brochure 2013” which was circulated to all the pupils and parents of the school, packed full of information about both AES and the School Association as well as a number of advertisers promoting their gifts and services.

All in all a very successful event which was enjoyed by all and which together with the Diamond Draw raised over £2700.     

Eco-House Winners of 2012

Year 9 were getting creative in their Citizenship lessons last term planning, designing and building EcoHouse models, including the 2012 winners in the photo.

This term saw the creation of the new Eco-School club.

Community CAS Group Provide Christmas Party for Senior Citizens

On the 13th of December, the Community CAS group provided a Christmas Party for our local senior citizens. It was a great turn out with around 50 people, and they all had a good time. They especially enjoyed the entertainment which included a magic act by Upper 6th student Oliver Ward, singing by both Jodie Leatt (Upper 6th) and Jenny Farrant (Year 9) accompanied by Patrick Mouchel (Upper 6th) on the piano. There were also Christmas songs being played throughout and a selection of sandwiches, cakes, mince pies, sherry, teas and coffees supplied by the school. We thoroughly enjoyed having them and there were nothing but positive comments from our guests. We received a few Thank You letters from the guests which was very much appreciated.

Teachers Take Part in This Year’s Movember Campaign

A number of Anglo European School teachers took part in this year’s Movember campaign, growing a moustache for the whole of November. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

The group have collectively raised £950!


Students Flock to Sign up to Sixth-Form Course

An article published in the Brentwood Gazette, please read education reporter Nicola Taylor’s article by clicking on the link below:


Local MP Visits School

Eric Pickles, our local M.P came to visit the school recently. Seen here, sitting with Mr Barrs and Mrs Martin and a group of sixth formers who accompanied him on a tour of the school.

A range of issues were covered from both the Headtechers’ and the students ranging from examination results and examination boards to student loans and the validity of the United Nations. Mr Pickles wrote after his visit that he students the met were ‘bright, lively and thoroughly engaging’.

TTC Language Services Ltd talks to Year 10 NVQ French and German Students

We were delighted to welcome Mr Yildizgoren from TTC Language Services Ltd to speak to our Year 10 NVQ French and German students today. Mr Yildizgoren, who runs a successful translation company based in Chelmsford, came to talk about the importance of languages in the world of work.

He stressed that having a language on your CV makes you more employable and could definitely increase your earning potential! Not only are our NVQ students following an applied languages course which will lead to a nationally recognised qualification but many of them also speak other languages which will be an asset to them in the business world.

The course stresses the importance of communication in a business environment and students had the opportunity to show the fantastic work they have been doing this term by presenting a product and sharing their marketing campaign. Special mention goes to Chandler Garnett, Lillie Allen, Matt Smith, Alex Taylor-Ruiz, Saskia Kirsopp and Oli Lombard for their German presentations and Matt Baker, Ashley Hera and Jimbob Smith for French. Tea and biscuits were enjoyed by all and it was a great opportunity to share business cards and network, well done Year 10!


Anglo European Student Meets New Archbishop

Article published by the Brentwood Gazette:

Esther Brown, a sixth-former at the Anglo European School in lngatestone, met Justin Welby while on work experience. Here, the 16- year-old explains why she wrote to The Times in his defence following his appointment as the next Archbishop of Canterbury.
Her letter…

Sir, I was fortunate enough to meet Bishop Welby while on work experience in the House of Lords earlier t his year.  IRONICALLY it was my working class step'father who landed me the work experience in the House of Lords. When he came home, dressed in overalls, from fitting a boiler for Labour peer Lord Clarke of Hamp­ stead Ibegged him to put in a good word forme. During my time in the House of Lords, I was present for the Daily Questions in which Justin Welby, the Bishop of Durham and the Archbishop of Canterbury  to be, was raised  to  the peerage. This was one of the most extraordinary things, I was in the balcony at the time  and  Bishop Welby and I caught each other's eye and exchanged a smile. We later met formally  in  the Lobby when  he was being congratulated, Lord Clarke introduced us and the Bishop replied something along the lines of "yes, we have met. This  young  lady  smiled  at  me from the balcony, for which I am thankful."

It wasn't until I read that he had been tipped to be the next Arch­ bishop  of Canterbury  that  I thought  to myself "Wow. And to think I met him!" But before even being in the job for  a  day he  was criticised  for  being an Old Etonian and there­ fore an "irrefutable" member of Cameron's clique.

Society's perception of the indi­ viduals who dominate the top jobs appears  to be  that  they  care  as little  about the working class as they do about "the price  of but­ ter". Genuine It was  the  presence  of these views in the newspapers that led me to write a letter to The Times, which was published  on Monday November 12. I argued that Bish­ op Welby had struck me as a very genuine man who I feel will make an exemplary Archbishop, anct to quote Karl Barth "preach •with a Bible in one hand and a news­ paper in t)le other".

I cannot help but be concerned that as a society we•are in danger of having inverted prejudices. It is argued  that  those  who hold the top jobs in the media, sports and politics should represent the pop­ ulation. But is it not naive to say, for example, that  as half of the population are women, half of the MPs should be women? What if a woman does not represent my views as well as a man?
Is it fair to deny the man this job
He struck a very genuine man and I feel he will make an exemplary Archbishop. However, I cannot help but feel it a shame that, by some, he is already bei ng criticised for being an Old Etohian and therefore part of David Cameron's clique. I
attend a state sixth form and am from a working­ class background, but I am concerned that as a society we are in danger of having inverted prejudices. I am sure Bishop Welby is the best man for the job and I hope people can see this is more important than his education.

Esther Brown
lngatestone, Essex

because of something that is out of his control? Is this not exactly the same as being sexist, or classist, or racist? Therefore I  believe that  man should be, in the words of Martin Luther King, "judged by the con­ tent of their character". And with the criteria in mind I concluded that  Bishop Welby has the qual­ities to do the job well.

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