Students perform well as GCSE results are released today

The school’s GCSE results were released to students today and the hard work of staff and students were rewarded once more. Over 80% of our students achieved 5 or more grades at A*-C and 72% achieved the same including English and Mathematics. This included the majority of the 80 students at the Anglo for whom English is not their first language.

According to David Barrs, Co-Headteacher, there were a number of highlights.  “Boys performed as well as girls which was the same pattern when A level results were published last week.  Our more able students and those with lower attainment when they joined the school were two groups that did particularly well”.

He added, “We are not complacent, all exam sessions give us information that we can use to do even better but we are delighted that, having set particularly challenging targets this year, our students, parents and staff working together have produced a record set of results which put our students in a position to make choices about the next stage in their education rather than other people making choices for them”.

80% of students achieved three levels of progress in English and Mathematics from the time they entered the school.  Jody Gee, Co-Headteacher, said, “This is an outstanding achievement for a comprehensive school particularly in view of the fact that almost half of them achieved four levels of progress.”  Jody added, “To have achieved this in a year when it seems that, for whatever reason, higher grades in Mathematics seem to have fallen is particularly pleasing.  We were also delighted with our Science results”.

The Anglo has a very distinctive curriculum based on breadth which involves all students following a course in Humanities, the Arts and Technology as well as two languages other than English alongside the core statutory requirement of English, Mathematics, Science, Citizenship, Physical Education and Personal and Social Education.  David explained, “It isn’t possible for our students to over-specialise too early and with this in mind these results are impressive. Along with the wider programme of activities such as overseas exchanges they are well-prepared for whatever challenges life throws at them both professionally and personally”.  The English Baccalaureate is a measure of breadth whereby students have to gain a high grade in Mathematics, English, a language, Science and Geography or history”.  Almost half of the Anglo’s students achieved this, something very few comprehensive schools can match.

Students deliver impressive results on A Level results day

The Anglo European School is pleased to announce another year of success for its students and staff. Following the announcement of record-breaking results for its International Baccalaureate students which saw them exceed the global average points score yet again, the A level cohort have delivered more impressive results.

Despite a national policy to reduce the number of A/A* grades, the school has increased the number of these grades by 4 percentage points on last year. This has meant that the average points score equates to a set of grades for each student of ABB, as opposed to BBB last year. The numbers of students achieving 2 and 3 A level passes has also increased. Of particular note is that boys perform at least as well as girls, which has been the pattern at the Anglo for some years.

Uniquely, Anglo students can follow a course which includes a mix of A level and IB subjects. This year this particular route in the sixth form was the most successful.

Jody Gee, newly appointed Co-Headteacher at the Anglo: “Results day is always a day of mixed emotions when we celebrate those who have achieved some great results but also when we have to support those who may have just missed their university offers. Our sixth form team are now working to ensure all of our students are able to progress on to university and we are confident that numbers this year will be at least as good as in previous years.”

Stuart Newton, Assistant Head and Director of Sixth Form: “Our students are securing good university places and where the decision is marginal it is clear that the breadth of our curriculum, including its international dimension and languages, and the unique IB courses we offer, including the mixed IB/A level route, are making a real and positive difference to the offers they are receiving.”

David Barrs, co-headteacher, added “This has been a really successful year for what is already an outstanding sixth form. Once more we are really proud of what our students and staff, working together, have achieved.”

The Anglo say farewell to Mrs Martin, Co-Headteacher
Jill Martin joined this school as TVEI* Co-ordinator in  the summer of 1990.  She became Deputy Head in 1994.  David Barrs was appointed at the same time from another school.  In 2005 the school experienced the tragic death of the then headteacher, Bob Reed.
“A beacon of inspiration for all the children” (Sixth Form student)
Sharing the same values and passion for the Anglo European School, it was an easy decision for them to suggest becoming co-headteachers of the school.  This was a pioneering move by the school’s Governing Body that captured the imagination of other schools and has been replicated elsewhere.
“She is really supportive and a generally nice person. I will miss her special touch to the Anglo family” (Sixth Form student)
Jill began her teaching career at King Harold School in 1977 as a probationary teacher.  She held various posts including Head of History and  Head of Sixth Form before moving to the Anglo.  She is a history teacher by training and, as a Co-head, has continued to teach her subject.  Whilst at the Anglo she has also served on the National Teacher Research Panel and undertook a secondment in the Teacher Education department at Anglia Ruskin University.
“Whenever I see her she always says hello” (Sixth Form student)
Jill has developed exceptionally supportive relationships with staff; she acts as a compassionate, listening ear and a critical friend through continuous professional dialogue.  She makes a point of being visible, available and approachable; fostering an atmosphere of collaboration, teamwork and mutual support.  One colleague mentored by Jill, as a newly qualified teacher, said “I have Jill to thank for so much of my teaching career.  She has given me guidance, confidence and support throughout my career from the very start when she was my mentor to where I am now.”
Jill has always been driven by the needs of children and she sets very high expectations both of the students and the staff that teach them.  She epitomises the cliché “firm but fair”.  Her open, honest and frank style has endeared her to succeeding generations of Anglo staff and students.  Fundamentally, Jill cares.  She cares about the children under her care, she cares about the Anglo and its unique mission and she cares about her staff.
“Mrs Martin is the voice of the Anglo family and she’ll be missed by all students” (Sixth Form student)
The Anglo has strong foundations and, with David, Jill has set the school on a course whereby it will continue to set a standard for education which is distinctive, innovative and highly relevant to the modern world in which we live. All good things come to an end and, whilst  Jill may be ‘history’,  her values and passion will leave an endearing legacy on the Anglo and all who will work and learn here in the future.
It is no surprise that Jill was our Jack Petchey Leader Award Winner 2015.
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