Tiny Giants Production Company performs for Year 9 students

Tiny Giants Production Company visited Year 9s to perform a play relating to road safety to raise awareness of general road safety and in particular seatbelts.

Nick Hills teacher,  “it was a very engaging thought provoking presentation for the pupils – on the one hand it was humourous and on the other hand they used real life stories to enhance the very serious issue surrounding road safety and in particular seatbelts”.

Lucy Hirata-Smith 9T, “It was a completely surprising experience that changed my views about how safe we are”

Emmie Bowlt 9T, “it gave me an insight into the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt”

Photo by Anglo student wins Young Photographer Competition

Eleanor Clarke, From the Anglo European School, has won the University College London Young Photographer Competition. The photograph submitted was taken in a bamboo forest in China whilst on a school visit this summer as part of the Essex Jiangsu Partnership with this region. Eleanor, who is an Elite Performer in swimming, took part in the sports and cultural exchange in August. The photograph captures the natural beauty of this area. Joanne Russell, Student Achievement Manager, who accompanied this visit to China said, “Eleanor is a very impressive young lady who managed to give the closing speech in Mandarin, addressing our Chinese hosts with great confidence. Whilst in China, she participated in Tai Chi and Table Tennis events and attended the World Athletics Championships in Beijing.”

For her achievements, Eleanor has received £50 of Amazon vouchers and has her photograph displayed in the University. Eleanor is hoping to study the International Baccalaureate at Anglo European in the 6th form, pursing her Chinese further and may also pursue her new found skills in photography. Mrs Gee, Headteacher said, “ We are incredibly proud of Eleanor, for her sporting and linguistic ability and her artistic skill. The school has Artsmark Gold status and part of that commitment is to encourage students to use the arts to record and reflect their experiences and ideas in innovative and creative ways. We’re thrilled such a stunning photograph has been recognised and displayed by the university and look forward to seeing more of Eleanor’s work in the future.” 

Year 9 visit the County Hall during Local Democracy week

On Friday 16th October 2015, ten Year 9 pupils represented the Anglo European School at Essex County Council’s annual Local Democracy Week event for Essex school pupils.  Pupils were mixed with pupils from other schools to plan an argument for or against a motion to debate in the council chamber with the debates chaired by Chair of Essex County Council, Norman Hume.  In the afternoon, pupils had a chance to ask questions to five councillors on current issues affecting them. Feedback from the pupils was very positive, many remarking how challenging it was to speak publicly in front of so many people in a room as grand as the council chamber.

Nick Hills, the teacher accompanying the pupils said, “it was a privilege to see our pupils working well with pupils from other schools in an environment where so many important decisions are made that affect them directly.  The atmosphere was at the least intimidating for some of them but the quality of the public speaking from all pupils on the day was of a very high quality.  The programme for the day enabled pupils to develop skills of public speaking, advocacy and representation, skills that they are likely to use as they go through life”.

BBC visit the Anglo, coinciding with the Chinese president visiting the UK

Coinciding with the Chinese president visiting the UK the BBC came to the school today to video a Chinese lesson and watch some Chinese dancing by our Year 11 students.  The piece will feature on Look East tomorrow so do keep an eye out for this and will also feature on the political show on Sunday.

Pupils visit Epping Forest District Council for a Youth Engagement Day

On Friday 9th October 2015, four Anglo European pupils visited Epping Forest District Council Youth Engagement Day as part of the Local Democracy Week activities.  Although Anglo European is not in the Epping district, many pupils travel from there to attend the school.  Anglo 6th Form pupil and Epping Forest District Youth Council member Jaymey McIvor, along with the other Youth Council members were heavily involved in the running of the day.  In attendance were councillors from the District Council and Eleanor Laing, MP for Epping Forest, joined the debate in the afternoon and contributed her thoughts.

The morning involved workshops on debating skills, gearing up for the big debate in the afternoon.  The afternoon debate, with the local MP present, was to debate a motion relating to the United Kingdom remaining a member of the European Union.  Anglo pupils were debating against the motion to remain in the EU despite some having opinions different to those they were representing.  The debate was televised live over the internet.  After a very balanced and thought provoking debate, all attendees were invited to vote on the motion.  The result; 75% voted for the motion for the UK to remain in the EU with 25% against.  Eleanor Laing MP gave her reaction to the vote that she would use this to inform the debates that she will be involved with in Parliament.  She also congratulated pupils on a fair an informed debate.

Teddy Valentine, one of the Anglo representatives on the day said, “the day positively encouraged youth to be involved in the democratic system” and that it “allowed pupils to demonstrate opinions and decite”.  Nick Hills, accompanying the pupils remarked, “it was really encouraging to see pupils so engaged in complicated matters that will have a major effect on their lives.  Pupils remarked afterwards how the day encouraged them to take part in democracy and get involved in the ways possible, including standing for election in a youth council or youth parliament”. 

Year 7 students take part in a Window on China day

On the 15th and 16th of October, Year 7 students at the Anglo European School took part in a Window on China day. The day formed part of our international curriculum and gave students the opportunity to learn some basic Chinese, try some calligraphy, have a go at Chinese drumming, take part in a Chinese craft workshop, and learn some tai ch’i and a Chinese morning exercise routine.

The theme for the day was ‘Numbers,’ and by the end of the day, students could count from 1-99 in Chinese and write the characters for numbers 1-10. The day was hugely popular with students who said they found it ‘awesome’ and ‘exciting’ to learn about a culture so different from their own. Mrs Williams, Lead Practitioner of Chinese at the Anglo European School and Manager of the Essex Confucius Classroom commented, ‘The Window on China days gave students a taster experience of Chinese culture and language. They enjoyed the challenge of learning the Chinese numbers and participating in different cultural workshops. The day was a huge success and we hope to run something similar again next year.’

Anglo welcome Principals and Colleagues from the Jiangsu Province

On Monday 19th October, the Anglo European School welcomed a delegation of 15 Principals, Vice-Principals and Jiangsu Education services colleagues from Jiangsu Province, China for a forum on effective teaching of Chinese language and culture to English students and productive school partnerships between China and the UK.

Just a day ahead of President Xi Jinping’s State Visit, the day marks an important development in links between Essex and Jiangsu and it is hoped that we will be able to develop further educational cooperation and exchange between Jiangsu and Essex in the coming months and years.

Headteacher, Mr Barrs is awarded by the Prime Minister

An Essex headteacher who has dedicated over thirty years of his life to bringing the message of the UN to young people across the region has been named a Point of Light by Prime Minister David Cameron.

David Barrs [60] from Ingatestone in Essex was inspired as a young geography teacher by the UN’s message of inclusivity and social justice and has been promoting it in the UK among young people ever since, enabling more than 400 young people to visit the UN in Geneva and New York City. 

David is the latest recipient of a Point of Light award, which recognises outstanding individual volunteers, people who are making a change in their community and inspiring others. Each day, someone, somewhere in the country is selected to receive the award to celebrate their remarkable achievements. 

With the UN Association (UK) David edited a series of UN Kits to mark the 50th anniversary of the UN in 1994 .They used UN contexts to support the teaching of the National Curriculum. A further edition, using the framework of the International Baccalaureate curriculum was also commissioned and 80,000 copies were distributed worldwide to over 160 countries. They were translated into 12 languages including the 6 official UN languages 

Prime Minister David Cameron said: 

“David has shown young people the importance of international relations, giving them an understanding of how different nations can work together to do good. His work has had an impact across the UK and beyond, with the visits he organises helping to bring learning to life for hundreds of children. I congratulate him on becoming a Point of Light.”

David was awarded the UN Silver Medal for this work.  He has spoken at over 50 schools around the country and organises a UN quiz for local schools in his home town of Saffron Walden which has been running for over 20 years.

David is the 361st winner of the Points of Light award which has been developed in partnership with the hugely successful Points of Light programme in the USA and was first established by President George H. W. Bush. Over 5,000 US Points of Light have been awarded and both President George H. W. Bush and President Barack Obama have publicly supported the partnership with Points of Light UK which honours shining examples of volunteering across the country.

Regardless of whether it’s a doctor restoring local monuments in her free time, a father teaching young people life skills, or a local musician giving a voice to lonely people, the Point of Light award honours shining examples of volunteering across the UK.

David said:

“My geography teaching introduced me to the work of the UN, the UN work introduced me to the International Baccalaureate and as a Headteacher I also volunteer my time to the IB as a member of the Board of Governors and Chairman of the Heads Council.  The UN and the IB inspire me and have given me the opportunity to make a difference – which I hope in some way I have”

Prison Me! No Way!

Prison Me! No Way! (PMNW) is an educational charity that aims to raise awareness about the causes, consequences of committing crime.  The visit of PMNW was kindly supported by Brentwood Borough Council and delivered to all of our Year 8 pupils instead of normal lessons for the whole day.

Pupils were ‘treated’ to various workshops on topics ranging from railway crime and safety to life in prison.  The workshop on prison involved showing pupils a mock prison cell transported to the school in a box van.  The lack of space and privacy was clear for all to see.  In other workshops, pupils listened to the stories from visitors who had been convicted of very serious crimes, the consequences for them and their families and how their choices could have been made different.  It was made clear that many poor decisions were split second decisions with potentially life changing consequences.  The day ended with ‘privileges’ given in the form of prizes for pupils who demonstrated excellent attitudes and engagements throughout the day.

The impact of the day was hard hitting both for pupils and accompanying staff.  The personal accounts of visitors with experience of prison and crime from both sides of the prison bars left pupils humbled, shocked but also desperate to ask questions.  If this day helps just one person to consider their actions and not make choices that lead to prison or a criminal record then the day has been worth it.  I am confident that pupils will remember this day as one of the more memorable of their school days and that they are in no doubt about the consequences of committing crime.

Year 8 visit London’s famous Shakespearean theatre

Year 8 enjoyed a day out seeing London’s famous Shakespearean theatre The Globe.  The visit involved a tour of the theatre by an actor followed by a workshop of acting techniques.  

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