Year 8 take part in drugs awareness workshops

On Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th November 2015, all Year 8 pupils took part in drugs awareness workshops as part of their Citizenship (PSHE) curriculum.  Pupils were educated on legal and illegal drugs, legal highs and the biological effects of drugs.  Workshops were led by school teachers and PCSO Matthew Grimwood from Essex Police.  The workshops were designed to be honest, informative as well as leaving no uncertainties as to the risks associated with the use of drugs.  Pupils were given up to date information on specific substances that have been a concern to health and law enforcement agencies including nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and alcohol.  A small number of school governors also sat in and observed the workshops.

On the Wednesday, Paul Hannaford spoke to all pupils in the Hall about his real life experiences with drugs.  This graphic and provocative presentation included Paul’s account of how he started on ‘softer’ drugs before his life descended into heavy abuse of many substances leaving his family relationships devastated by his theft and deceit.  Although now recovering for some years from the drug abuse, Paul’s family relationships are scarred by his actions.  Pupils were also told of the health implications of drug abuse on Paul.  He showed them the damage to his ulcerated legs, caused by years of injecting drugs and how he nearly lost his leg but for the maggots used to clean his wound from dead and infected flesh.

Nick Hills (Head of Citizenship) who organised the day said, “The message from the workshops and Paul’s talk were to make it very clear the risks individuals take if they decide to use drugs.  This educational experience was designed to give pupils the knowledge and understanding needed to make informed choices about their health.  I’m sure that most pupils would conclude from the information they received that the dangers and risks of drug abuse far outweigh any possible benefit.  I am very pleased with the organisation of the days and, although Paul’s presentation and some workshop content was hard for some pupils to confront, the workshops were well received.  My thanks goes to Matthew, Paul and the school staff for making this event a success as well as to the Year 8 pupils who handled this challenging theme with such maturity and sensitivity”

Another Successful Careers Convention

Another hugely successful Careers Convention was held on Thursday 19th November for year 8 students (and families) upwards. At this year’s event (which we hold annually in November) we had over 40 contributors from the world of work, training organisations and representatives from Further and Higher Education including  epp and Sons, Foreign and Commonwealth office, the University of East Anglia, Writtle & Havering Colleges. Students were able to explore the interactive Apprenticeship Pod and learn about career opportunities in numerous professions including those at local global technology company E2V who made history this year with their image sensors capturing the first ever close-up pictures of Pluto.

If you would be interested in participating as an exhibitor next year on Thursday 17th November 2016 we would be delighted to hear from you, please contact Mrs J Carter-Bones at

International Politics Students take part in ‘Brexit’ debate

Anglo Upper Sixth International Politics students took part in a Sixth Form Citizenship Day at Chelmsford Cathederal on Wednesday 18th November on the theme of, ‘The UK and the EU: In or Out?’. Anglo students not only took part in the conference in which speakers put the case for both sides of the debate, but were also asked to facilitate discussion groups, organise feedback and use their own political knowledge to challenge viewpoints. Our students were complimented for the breadth of their knowledge, ability to form and construct arguments and the maturity they showed in facilitating the discussion groups.

Mr Newton said, “This was a very enjoyable day in which our students developed their understanding of the ‘Brexit’ debate further, but also importantly showed their ability to listen and challenge views that they disagreed with or viewed as unjustified.”

Congratulations to our senior girls swimming team

Congratulations to our senior girls swimming team (Lower and Upper Sixth Form) for winning the Brentwood Schools Swimming Gala for the 6th straight year on Wednesday 4th November. Alice Whitlock (PE Teacher): “The girls felt the added pressure of making it 6 years in a row and were determined to bring the trophy back to Anglo. They all swam brilliantly and although it was close, we were delighted for them to win the trophy again. Come on Anglo!”

One of the team said, “The competition from the other schools was as good as usual but it was very intense waiting for the results to see if we had won this year.”

13 string players from Anglo partipate in a masterclass

13 string players from Anglo European partipated in a masterclass with Nicola Benedetti and Ben Gernon at Saffron Hall on the 16th November. Musicians explored Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 10, 2nd Movement and Vaughan Williams’ The Lark Ascending.  By joining forces with over 80 secondary school students and conductor Ben Gernon on stage, our young musicians were able to feel the pure excitement and power of playing with a full orchestra. Nicola and Ben’s expertise enabled Anglo’s string players to expand their understanding of these two pieces and how differently they can be interpreted and they also offered advice on technique and bow tension.

Jon Gordon, Head of Music, said “This was a fantastic opportunity for some of Anglo’s string players and I’m sure that they enjoyed their experience. Ex-student, Lois Brisley, also joined the orchestra and participated in the advance string ensemble masterclass in the afternoon. Lois is currently taking a year out and intends to apply to study music and creative writing at university.”

Music continues to grow at Anglo and forthcoming concerts include the Winter Arts Festival and the Christmas concert.

Students win bravery award

Three Anglo students talked a woman out of jumping in front of a train at Ingatestone station. Archie Hodgkins, 13, and Billy Hall, 15, held the woman from jumping from the platform three times while Charlie Bull, 15, called the police. 

Anglo will take part in the Maths Challenge for the 25th year running

The UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) is a registered charity whose aim is to advance the education of children and young people in Mathematics. The UKMT organises national Mathematics competitions and other mathematical enrichment activities for 11-18 year old UK school pupils. Each year over 600,000 pupils from 4,000 schools take part in the three individual challenges.  Each challenge leads onto follow-on Olympiad rounds.  They run mentoring schemes and summer schools for high performing students as well as training a team of six to represent the UK in the International Mathematical Olympiad.

We have taken part in the Maths Challenge for the last 25 years. 60 students from each of our year 7 and 8, 30 from each of years 9 to 11 and approximately 30 sixth formers  take part each year.  The Maths Challenge question papers are taken in school and then returned to the UKMT for marking. The Senior Challenge takes 90 minutes and the Intermediate and Junior Challenges take 60 minutes.

The papers contain 25 multiple choice questions. Of these, the first 15 are more accessible whilst the final 10 will provide more food for thought. Gold, silver and bronze certificates are awarded to 40% of participants nationally in the Junior and Intermediate Challenges, and 60% of participants nationally in the Senior Challenge. The most successful participants at each level are invited to enter follow-on rounds; Kangaroos (multiple choice questions) or Olympiads requiring full written answers.

Anglo Celebrate UN Day

The Anglo European School celebrated UN Day by raising the UN Flag after the reading of the preamble to the UN Charter by students.   This particular year celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the UN  so the Sixth Form CAS Group and the Lower School UN Young generation Club organised this event to include not only the raising of the flag but the planting of an oak tree by the Headteachers, Jody Gee and David Barrs (who has just been awarded the Point of Light Award by David Cameron for his 30 years service to the UNA).

Laura Davenport U6 was part of the CAS group said “it is important as a school that we recognise we need to raise awareness of the UN values.

Julia Mullins Year 7 said “I learnt that it is important to listen to other people’s opinions to make things happen – we all need to work together to make things work”

Teddy Valentine Year 9, who established the UN Young Generation Club within the school said that “the UN engages with young people on worldwide projects.  There are vast roles within the UN and I would like to sit on the Board for the Prevention of Genocide.  The effects of the UN over the last 70 years has been significant in that it has prevented wars and lives have been saved. “

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