Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party 2015

Creativity, Activity and Service is a core part of the IB Diploma Programme helping to foster international mindedness, self awareness and a sense of identity. Students plan and participate in experiences and take on challenges that involve creativity, physical activity and , in particular, service. Students  then create a portfolio of evidence in which they reflect  on their engagement and achievements from these experiences.  All 6th Form students at AES participate in some elements of this IB programme as enrichment activities both in school and in the wider local and global community.  Examples of which are volunteering in care homes, charity shops, animal rescue centres, with  local Scouting and Guiding groups, supporting  younger students with their learning and running lunch time  clubs.

This week, one CAS group organised the annual Senior Citizens Party.  The students organised everything from sending out the invitations and distributing posters around the village, asking local stores for donations for the raffle, buying and preparing the food and drink, setting up the venue, planning a programme of entertainment including the school choir, drama performances by Year 7 students and solo performances by 6th formers and tidying up afterwards.   “The school has been hosting local pensioners for over 20 years; it is a highlight of the Anglo Christmas calendar” said Mr Barrs, Co-Headteacher.  Mrs Elaine Brame said “This afternoon I attended my very first Senior Citizens Christmas Party. It was impressive – plenty of food and entertainment and performances – you may ask why it was impressive this is because the event was organised by the 6th Formers of the Anglo European School. Thank you to all involved.”   From Tereza Kolacna and Joe Waites  ” It was so rewarding to engage with the Senior Citizens and have a chance to sit and talk with them about Ingatestone in the past, quite a few had family members who had attended the school and it was so interesting to hear their stories.”  Tereza – “Planning this event really improved my organisational skills and seeing how much the Senior Citizens enjoyed the party made it worthwhile”. Joe – “The organisation was made much easier by the large numbers of donations by parents and local organisations. It was so good to see all our hard work go according to plan and that the OAPs enjoyed it so much.”

Annual Winter Fair get’s everyone in the Christmas spirit

Christmas is coming …  the Anglo European School Association held their annual Winter Fair 2015.  Alongside the various craft stalls and games were The Essex Beekeepers Association and our own charity stall supporting the Lesotho Community Project.   The school choir sung Christmas Carols to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Students attend the Annual Presentation on Asia in London

Students from the Anglo European School were once again invited to attend the Annual Presentation on Asia for Sixth Form Students at the School of African and Oriental Studies in London.  Kathryn Bragg, Psychology teacher said “We were treated to an impressive range of speakers including an ambassador and a former Royal Marine turned medical student, amongst others.  By far the most topical speaker was Con Coughlin, the defense correspondent at the Daily Telegraph, whose talk was entitled, ‘Can the West defeat the Islamic State?’ He was able to take us back hundreds of years in the history of the Middle East to trace political, religious and social developments in the region that have led to the current situation of factional conflict and instability.  He has been both a soldier and a journalist in the Middle East and believes that IS/Da’esh can be defeated by a united international effort.”  

Jon Anderson, another former soldier, joined the Royal Marines after completing his BA in History and Philosophy.  He took his experiences of war and conflict and has transformed them into a vehicle for healing and rebuilding.  Now in his final year of medicine at Southampton, he took the opportunity to do his elective placements in Afghanistan and Palestine.  He shared with us his thoughts on the challenges of military intervention in unfamiliar cultures and how differently he is welcomed as a foreign doctor, rather than a soldier.  

We also discovered that Indonesia is made up of over 10,000 islands, has over 500 different languages and is the fourth most populous nation in the world.  The founder of the Karen Hill Tribes Trust, a charity that supports indigenous groups in the north of Thailand, told us how communities can be strengthened and made sustainable by support that is developed in partnership with the communities it aims to help.  The charity supports the Karen communities by providing the planning and materials for projects they have requested, such as permanent sources of fresh water that they are able to build and maintain as a community.  We also heard talks by a member of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and a curator from the British Museum, both of whom were inspiring in the their passion and fascination with Asian culture and history.  

It was a truly brilliant day where we were privileged to have a glimpse into the lives of people who have immersed themselves in careers that have taken them to Asia and back, and then back again for more.  

Anglo’s first ever Sixth Form Chinese Enrichment Day

On Monday December 7th, we held our first ever Sixth Form Chinese Enrichment Day. The day was funded by the Jack Petchey Award which Jaymey McIvor donated to the department last year. Students in the Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth studying Chinese IB took part in the day, which centred around Zhang Yimou’s film ‘To Live.’ James Trapp, an expert in Chinese history and film, ran the day and gave students a fascinating introduction to 20th Century Chinese history and society. The day was a huge success and students said that they found the opportunity to learn a bit more about Chinese history, particularly through the medium of film, very interesting. All Sixth Form students were also invited to take part in a tai ch’i and Chinese language taster workshop, and staff ran Chinese calligraphy, origami and drumming stalls at break and lunchtime.

Sixth Form Students Organise a Charity Concert

On Wednesday 1st December, the Upper Sixth Anglo European CAS group held its charity Winter Arts festival. Over 60 students participated in the event which is entirely organised by students in the sixth form managed by Chelsea Churu and Courtney Brown. Acts ranged from solo singers and gymnastics to performances by the school’s Concert Band which has over 30 members. The concert went without hitch and showcased the many talents that Anglo’s students has. The concert has raised over £500 for a national youth music charity and the sixth form team are already discussing their next fundraising event.

Photos were taken by Lillian Fawcett-Wolf U6TP

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