ESU Perfoming Shakespeare Competition 2015/16

Year 8 students at the Anglo European School took part in the regional finals of the English Speaking Union’s “Performing Shakespeare Competition” this week. 8 students who had previously submitted a short video of themselves performing a monologue or duologue from a Shakespeare play took part in workshops to refine their performances and then performed to a panel of judges from the ESU. The competition allows all Key Stage 3 pupils between the ages of 11 and 14 to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of Shakespeare through theatre and performance. Divine Tebite was given the only judges’ commendation awarded at the event for her notable performance.

Mrs Gee, Headteacher, commented, “2016 marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and his plays are still as relevant to our 21st century curriculum as ever. It was very rewarding to see our students’ original interpretations of key scenes and to watch them performing to such an impressive standard”.  Mrs Bradstreet, Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator at the English Department at Anglo European, who hosted the regional final this year, concluded…” The competition was a fantastic experience – everyone had a great morning.  The students were, of course, great credit to the school; I was very proud of both their performances and their behaviour in welcoming the other school.  Although no Anglo student made it through to the grand final, Divine Tebite 8S was given the only commendation of the event for her excellent efforts.  All the students worked extremely hard.”

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Students participate in the World of Work event

Inevitably, the World of Work (WOW) is an unknown place for many students when in their teens. At the Anglo European School we try to reduce this unknown by providing numerous workplace opportunities, one being that all students go out on work experience placements of their choice for 2 weeks in the summer term of Year 10 as part of their curriculum. Another one is that in year 11 students participate in a work related learning scheme of work, through their citizenship lessons, which culminates in a WOW day, as soon as possible after they have received their mock GCSE results, when the reality of real work life is looming nearer.

This year, our WOW event was held on Friday 15th January.

The overall aim of WOW is to better equip our students to be more competitive and influential in the increasingly global world of work. More specifically, it is to give our students an insight into the skills and attitudes required for the world of work and to give them the opportunity to develop, practise and demonstrate these in a familiar environment but with unknown professionals (to them, but known to AES as many of the 35 interviewers were ex students / parents / local community professionals).

All students attended in business dress and participated in a number of employability skills workshops as well as a mock interview with an external professional who gave invaluable personal verbal and written feedback to each student. Student response to the interviews were enlightening –

“I’ve learnt that I can be interviewed without getting too nervous”, “I talk too fast and I flail my arms around too much”, “The way you present yourself is vital”.

Interviewer responses included “Very impressed with the quality of the year 11 students – very mature, polite, well behaved & thoughtful”, “Thoroughly enjoyable experience”.

The workshops comprised of Interview Skills, Learning Agilities, Programming (creating an interactive CV), Financial Skills and Creative Thinking. The Creative Thinking session was based upon brand and brand positioning in the advertising world and utilised group work, collective thinking, idea generation and presentation skills. The Interview Skills incorporated top tips on interview techniques – body language, handling difficult questions, what not to do (from experience!) etc whilst the Learning Agilities workshop explored ways of learning through problem solving, teamwork and leadership skills activities.

Overall, the day was deemed a huge success – “It was great to interact with the students and see what they expected their future to be like and where they wanted to go” and “I thought it went really well and if success can be judged on student participation then I think this was one of the most successful days of its type that I have have been a part of at ANY school in either the state or private sector.”

Students experience an amazing performance at the Royal Opera House

On Friday 9th January, 64 Anglo European students experienced an amazing performance of Puccini’s Tosca at the Royal Opera House in London. For many students it was their first exposure to opera and the impact of such a professional cast and orchestra was hugely positive! The production ran for well over two hours, but Tosca certainly entertained with its stunning arias, drama, outstanding orchestra and professional cast. From its strident opening chords, the opera conjured up a world of political instability and menace. The Chief of Police, Scarpia – one of the most malevolent villains in opera – ruthlessly pursued and tortured enemies of the state. His dark, demonic music contrasted with the expansive melodies of the idealistic lovers, Tosca and Cavaradossi, who expressed their passion for each other in sublime arias. Giacomo Puccini’s dramatic work was a hit with audiences on its 1900 premiere and the twists and turns of the plot also captured a far younger audience’s imagination last Friday.

Tom Smith L6MG

On behalf of the Anglo European School:

Tom Smith, one of our Upper Sixth students sadly passed away on Christmas Eve after a long battle with a rare form of cancer.   Tom was in the Upper Sixth but, because of his illness, was re-taking the Lower Sixth.

Tom had been dealing with the cancer which was first diagnosed at the time of his GCSEs. Despite this he progressed into our Sixth Form to study A levels in Sociology, Travel and Tourism and PE and Spanish ab initio.

Throughout his illness Tom was supported by his family and a group of very close friends. We would like to pay tribute to the manner in which they have all responded at such a difficult time. Tom dealt with his illness with enormous dignity, bravery and calmness.

The thoughts of the “Anglo family” are with Tom’s mother and father, sister Emma and twin brother Matt. They have set up a website in Tom’s memory. The website encourages his friends and others to share their thoughts and photographs as well as to donate to the family’s chosen charity, Sarcoma UK. The site can be accessed on

Such events challenge us all and it is often helpful to talk through what it means. Thankfully they are rare events, but provide us with opportunities to reflect on our own lives and become stronger for it.

Students raise over £400 for the Marie Curie charity

The Upper Sixth Travel and Tourism class organised a Year 7 Winter disco on 2nd December 2015.  The profits of the event have been donated to Marie Curie, one of the school’s charities.  The Sixth Formers Jaymey McIvor, Grace Blake and Chris Joyner organised the event in its entirety and the feedback  was overwhelmingly positive. 

Travel and Tourism teacher, Miss Pepper said “Grace, Jaymey and Chris all worked very hard throughout the process and demonstrated their ability to organise and oversee a successful event”.  Grace said “being the first event I have ever organised, it was a great experience”.  Jaymey stated, “It was great to have the support of the school community, I am particularly pleased with the amount we have raised for charity.  Lastly, Chris commented “It was amazing to see how our preparation took form and  how the night itself panned out. It was challenging to say the least, but an amazing experience”.  The students raised over £400 for the Marie Curie charity.

Students participate in a Chinese cultural trip

43 Year 8 students participated in a Chinese cultural trip to the British Museum and Chinatown. Students have been exploring the porcelain trade and completed some project work in the British Museum, which also included interviewing some Chinese visitors in Chinese. Students rose to the challenge very well and visitors commented on how impressed they were with the behaviour and engagement of Anglo students. We then went for a buffet lunch in Chinatown and students were able to taste the different Chinese dishes we have been learning about in class. We rounded off the day with a visit to a Chinese bakery to try some of the different pastries and sweet snacks. Students really enjoyed the opportunity to enhance their understanding of Chinese culture and practice their Chinese.

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