Phenomenal GCSE success for our students

Many smiling faces brightened the Anglo today as GCSE results were announced. Co-headteacher, David Barrs, explained, “The Anglo offers a very broad and distinctive education which involves students in studying the arts, humanities, technology and languages as well as the required statutory subjects of Citizenship, English, Mathematics, PE and Science.

It is a challenging but rewarding education which prepares them well for their futures”. This breadth is reflected in the English Baccalaureate where over half of Anglo students have been recognised, well above the national average for state schools.

In a year when nationally higher grades are falling, the school has withstood these trends and continued to increase its A*-A grades which are up 3 % points to 31%. Also, yet again, as the gap between boys and girls has continued to widen, the difference at the Anglo is a mere 2% whilst nationally the % of boys achieving 5 A*-C has fallen to 62.4% – 9% below the equivalent figure for girls.

70% of students achieved A*-C in English and Mathematics of which 31% achieved A*/A grades. Four students, Franziska Beck, Eleanor Clarke, Sana Hassanali and Keir May achieved 11 A* and a further 8 students achieved 10 A*s. 100% achieved A*-G.

As a centre of excellence for language learning where every student studies at least one language and usually two if not three, these are particularly important statistics to note. The school continues to set very high standards in this area with 77% achieving at least one A*-C in a language. 63% achieved two such grades in a language and 14% achieved three. At a time when French and German entries nationally has continued to fall, this is particularly satisfying for the school. Again, actual results are not only up on last year in all languages but have bucked the national trend where they show a decline on last year.

Other highlights included an impressive 96, 95 and 97% A*-C in Biology, Chemistry and Physics respectively. National trends for Combined Science are down this year, whilst here at the Anglo they are up.

The school has also pioneered the use of the prestigious Cambridge International Examinations in the state sector and our History students obtained 91% A*-C without any fails. With the same board, 100% of students secured A*-C in English as a Second Language.

The increasingly important progress figure (Progress 8) is up from 0.26 to 0.34 which means most students made better progress towards their own potential. Co-Headteacher, Mrs Gee, said, “Many of our students have met and exceeded their own targets, set against national expectations; whether they were aiming for a B or an A *, their achievements, against expected outcomes are exceptional and we’re looking forward to working with them next year as they pursue their education at Anglo’s outstanding 6th form.”

The school has received record numbers of applications for the sixth form and, having increased its capacity, can consider late applications for those still seeking 6th form places for the International Baccalaureate and A level.

A level results day brings more success for the Anglo

Over 30 students at the Anglo secured their university places a month ago having received their International Baccalaureate results. For the second year running the IB Diploma students averaged 35 points (out of a maximum available of 45) against a global average of 30. The Anglo pioneered the IB in the state sector in 1977 and now secures results which exceed those in many independent schools.

Co-headteacher at the Anglo, David Barrs, said “This really is a world class education which prepares our students well for the modern world. It is a distinctive education and they join a community of 1.5 million IB Graduates worldwide from 136 different countries”. Three of the IB cohort are off to the University of Oxford.

The school also offers the IB Career Programme which is a more vocational approach to learning. All students secured places at university although they had to wait until today because they study two A levels alongside IB subjects. In addition to their subject studies IBCP students also study approaches to learning and languages as well as complete a reflective project and engage in community service.

IB Manager, Marie-Louise Brown said “ I would like to congratulate the students. Our results are as good as they are because of their dedication, hard work and commitment. We are proud of them”.

Today, A level results day brought more success for the school.

All A level students at the Anglo study a language and most study 4 A levels. This approach mirrors the broad, baccalaureate approach which is a hallmark of an education at the Anglo. Mr Barrs , Co-Headteacher, added “our approach has proven success in getting young people where they want to go be it university or increasingly directly into work. A distinctive education develops distinctive young people who get noticed”. Almost 80% of students were offered a place at their favoured university whilst six students significantly exceeded expectations and are now looking at places at what are now called “higher tariff institutions”. Almost 70% of Anglo students students have secured places at these universities which is exceptional. The school has also set a record of 42% of its students securing paces at Russell Group universities.

Mrs Gee, Co-Headteacher said, “We’re delighted that the school bucked the national trend which showed a fall in the number of higher grades with 25% achieving grades A*/A compared to last year when it was 19%; these are exceptional results and we’re grateful to our outstanding teachers and support staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure our students have met or exceeded expectations”

Overall 48% achieved A*/B grades, 78% achieved A*-C grades and 99% achieved A*-E grades. Together with IB grades well over 30% of the grades were A*/A.

Students return from a week of intensive study at the UN in Geneva

Forty staff and students from the Anglo European School recently returned from a week of intensive study at the United Nations in Geneva. The Anglo is the only state school known to offer such a programme. As well as receiving briefings from departments within the Palais des Nations such as peacekeeping, disarmament, the work of interpreters and the work of the Human Rights Council, the group also spent time at a number of specialised agencies that form part of the UN system. The World Health Organisation, the World Meteorological; Office the World Intellectual Property Organisation, the International Labour Organisation and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees all formed part of the programme. The International Telecommunication Union provided an insight into the development of telecommunication. According to party leader, Headteacher, David Barrs, “the students discovered how central Ingatestone was to the story of telecommunications!. Situated between Chelmsford where Marconi pioneered radio broadcasting and Brentwood where Alan Sugar’s Amstrad popularised domestic computer use, Ingatestone is very well placed to make this claim!

In the post-referendum world the group also visited the World Trade Organisation.

David added “Once the students understood that the UN is not a World Government and that it cannot force countries to act in certain ways, they came to see it as a force for good. If they want to make their mark on the world using their education and ideas, they need to understand how the world works. The UN touches every part of their lives one way or another, be it through their studies, their careers or their daily lives”.

The school will visit again in 2018.

The photograph was taken in the main conference room of the Palais des Nations in Geneva. Mr. Barrs (front left), Mrs Kowalski –teacher (right) Mr Newton – Director of Sixth Form (seated- right).

Ex-student invited to Barack Obama’s Youth Town Hall

Ex-student and ex-Head Girl, Edith Whitehead, was invited to Barack Obama’s Youth Town Hall in London as part of her work with Bite The Ballot. Edith was our Head Girl in 2011, and her legacy was to raise the profile on social media at Anglo! The work of her organisation was commended by the President himself.

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