Year 10 Drama students to perform at Chelmsford’s Civic Theatre

Shakespeare Schools Festival, ‘We use the unique power of Shakespeare to transform lives’.

We are thrilled to announce year 10 Drama students’ performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The Anglo European School have been working alongside Shakespearean theatre practitioners in an active and ambitious way. Months of preparation culminate in an exhilarating performance, 1st November 2016 at the Civic Theatre Chelmsford; our students playing Shakespeare in a professional theatre. We hope you can join us by booking your tickets in advance through the theatre’s box office (details attached).

As part of the preparation for this Festival all Year 10 Drama students were invited to spend the morning at the Civic Theatre in Chelmsford. They worked with Shakespearean practitioners; helping them fine tune some of the scenes from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” that they will be performing on 1st November. The students threw themselves into all the physical and vocal workshops, often stepping out of their comfort zones! The experience was hugely beneficial and the students have been able to bring this into the classroom to further support the development of the production.

Doors Open: 7pm. Tuesday, 1st November

Book Tickets: 01245 606505

Dunton Road Safety Visit

All Lower Sixth students participated in the Essex Roadster event run by the Safer Essex Roads Partnership. The aim of the day was to educate 16/17 year olds in the risk and consequences associated with driving – ranging from how to apply for a licence, driving safely to basic car maintenance.

All the speakers were experts in their field, being members of the emergency services or someone who has been affected personally as a result of a road traffic accident.

Our students were able to participate in role plays where they took on real life situations and looked at how a split-second decision could affect so many different people. They also tried out specially designed goggles to simulate the effects alcohol has on reaction times and depth perception.

All our students left the event with a greater knowledge about what it means to be in charge of a vehicle and that there are consequences to all decisions that they, and their passengers, make.

Anglo attends the RPA transitions event at Harrow Lodge Sports Centre

The Anglo were at the RPA transitions event (Moving on)  at Harrow Lodge Sports Centre in Hornchurch to help Havering students decide on their future after their GCSEs.  It was very well-attended and much interest was expressed in the uniqueness of the Anglo, especially when it was realised that Ingatestone is only 24 minutes up the road from Hornchurch and with excellent rail links.  Deputy Head boy, Caleb Boateng Bekyir spoke of the enthusiastic responses received from many of the students that had previously never really heard of a school which offered such a broad variety of courses.  He stated how “Overall, the day was a great success for the Anglo”.

Students visit the Knitting and Stitching Show

Students from Year 10 and Lower Sixth visited the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace last week where they viewed 18 different exhibitions from individual artists, graduates, universities and guilds.  They were also able to learn about traditional techniques as well more modern materials and processes. It was a very innovative and inspiring day for all and it has motivated students to develop their own exciting textiles work in school – they all want to go again!

“The Knitting and Stitching show was a really good experience and it was very inspiring and eye-opening. I really enjoyed talking to the people running the stands and watching demonstrations on how their products were made. I would definitely recommend this trip and would go again!” Anna Hedges, Year 10

“The trip to Alexandra Palace was a very good chance for us all to see some extraordinary things and it really inspired me and have me a better idea of what kind of styles I like. I would definitely go again!”  Sara Miteva, Year 10

Drugs Awareness Day

On Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th October 2016, Year 8 took part in the school’s established Drugs Education Awareness Day.  Pupils’ timetables were suspended for the morning as they took part in three workshops focussing on the risks on drug use.  The workshops focussed on the biological, social and legal aspects of drug use including substances that are illegal, regulated and legal.  The awareness drive was concluded by a visit from Paul Hannaford on Thursday afternoon, who told his harrowing story of his journey into drug use, from smoking, alcohol and then to Class A substances.  He focussed on the damage it caused to his health, physique, family, finances and career options and how he has been clean for nearly 10 years.

Mr Hills (Head of Citizenship) who organised the day said, “these days are important in ensuring pupils are informed and understand the risks associated with drug use and the potential consequences to their health, education, family and friends.  I appreciate that the information pupils were greeted with was hard-hitting at times but I am certain that pupils feel better educated so that they can make appropriate decisions about their health and prospects in the future.  As pupils venture through the secondary school ages, the more chance there is that they will come into contact with and be influenced into experimenting with drugs and alcohol.  It is therefore vital that we ensure pupils are informed.  Paul Hannaford’s personal account just brings home how real and devastating the spiral into uncontrollable drug abuse can be”.

Charles Carson-Whiley, Year 8 said that Paul Hannaford’s session “was really inspiring. Paul knows all about it, he can tell you what happened because he has done it”.

Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about the sessions to discover what they have learnt and we would urge anyone who is concerned about drug use to look at these website for more information or

Royal Air Force Visit

Year 10 students had the privilege to engage in an interactive, dynamic and informative ‘show’ put on by the RAF about the science of flight. They witnessed the use of one of the most up to date drones and learned how they are used in the armed forces. As well as the team demonstrating with the use of air blowers, wing sections and 2 of the same jet engines Yves Rossy used to fly across the English Channel.  They explained the science of flight concerning lift, drag, thrust and weight. The students were amazed by how the science and engineering sections of the RAF enabled them to set a new altitude record for paramotoring by tackling and overcoming the problems that altitude, cold and wind have on the human body, motor and fuel function and material stability and strength. ( Before a closing talk from two RAF ambassadors who explained about the many job opportunities available in the RAF, some students got to experience a virtual reality headset which is an effective tool for pilot training and all watched a video of the enormous new helium filled airships which can stay aloft for days, using less fuel and carrying heavier loads than conventional aircraft. This is a new technology the RAF are hoping to make future use of.

Councillor Ray Gooding Visits the Anglo

The school was delighted to welcome Councillor Ray Gooding (Essex County Council), Cabinet Member for Education and Lifelong Learning.

Co-head, David Barrs, said it was an opportunity to remind the local authority of the visionary decision they took in 1973 to establish a school ‘along European lines’, “the school has had a distinguished and pioneering history since those early days under the leadership of Norman Pitt. Post-referendum our mission as a comprehensive school is ever more important for the future and Essex deserve credit for being instrumental in laying the foundations”.

The discussion surrounded the state of education funding and teacher supply and the role of the local authority. They also talked  about how the school might help other schools with their provision for students who do not have English as a first language as well as adult language classes that the school will be offering in the future.

Touring production company reinforce messages regarding road safety

On Wednesday 14th September, Year 7 were treated to a visit from a touring production company, The Riot Act. Their visit was to reinforce messages regarding road safety. Our guests performed a short production piece detailing the lives of three school aged people caught up in the normal pressures of peer influence. Tragically, one bad decision resulted in a terrible accident where one of them was hit by a car, leading to life-changing consequences for all involved. The second part of the session was a workshop encouraging pupils to consider their everyday actions, attitudes to risk taking and the consequences of not taking road safety seriously. These consequences not only affected the individual involved in the accident, but family and friends too.

Mr Hills (Head of Citizenship) who oversaw the organisation of the session said, “It is all too easy for young people to think that they are immune to the possible dire consequences of not taking road safety seriously. Most pupils think that they would be able to follow the much repeated advice given about road safety, however, the statistics support the sad fact that there are still too many young people injured and killed as a result of not taking road safety seriously by taking risks near the road, not paying attention, and bowing to peer pressure and peer influence. I am confident that this production not only reinforced what young people are told many times, but challenged them to consider the consequences of not taking the issue seriously. Despite the extremely warm temperatures in the Hall this afternoon, Year 7 were brilliant in the way they listened and interacted.”

School Awards Evening proved to be a great success

Congratulations to all our Upper School Awards Evening winners. The event was held at the Civic Theatre in Chelmsford and proved a great success. We also celebrated the success of our Lower School by holding their Awards evening at the Anglia Ruskin University. These were both memorable occasions for all the students involved and their families.

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