Anglo welcome exchange visits from Frankfurt and Dijon

We have welcomed our exchange visitors from Frankfurt (work experience) and Dijon (long term).  The work experience exchanges have been running for over 15 years where students have the chance to work in placements such as infant and junior schools, Oxfam, a vet, a nursery, Essential School of Painting in London and the Guild Hall of Music in London.

Our long term exchanges are very well established with students becoming a pupil in their host school. The Frankfurt long term exchange departs for their away leg on Sunday, whilst Dijon students arrived in school this week.  The Frankfurt long term exchange is now in its 40th year.

Students embark on a 2 day programme of STEM

After having proven their creativity, leadership, effective teamwork and demonstrated their enquiring minds during a STEM ( Science. Technology. Engineering and Maths) day at Anglo, a group of very excited students boarded the minibus to travel to the Essex University campus in Southend. It was here that they embarked on a 2 day programme of STEM ( Science. Technology. Engineering and Maths) activities sponsored, once again, by the smallpeice charitable organisation (

Out of the 6 schools participating, Anglo represented 30% of the participants and consequently had students in all of the 12 groups. After a welcome address, an ice breaker activity of building a shelter out of paper, and listening to a keynote speech from a medical engineer the students broke off into their groups. Their challenge was to build a working speaker by soldering components onto a circuit board, designing and building a case for a specific market and then pitching their speaker to a panel of judges.

Day 2 was a very special day presented by ambassadors from the Bloodhound SSC group ( The Bloodhound SSC is four wheels, 7.5 tonnes, 135,000 bhp of ultimate jet and rocket powered car that in October of  this year will hopefully break the land speed record in South Africa by reaching a speed of  1000mph. A  video can be found here. After an interesting an informative talk about the project the students engaged in 2 tasks in their teams. One was reflecting the IT side of the project where they had to write a code for a robot (car) to enable it to perform a series of set tasks. The second challenge was to build a rocket car that would go the furthest distance from jet propulsion. They had expert advice about drag, torque, lift and many other aspects of shape design form one of  the bloodhound engineers. One of our students were in each of the winning teams and received a stunning prize. Their names will be painted onto the tail fin of the Bloodhound and after travelling at 1000mph will remain there for all to see forever.

We cannot thank Smallpeice enough for their generous funding of this event for our students. If anyone is interested in similar residential courses that can be attended on a personal basis without any school contact (fees are charged) then please check out their website above and click on the ‘courses’ tab.  There are over 50 courses covering Years 9-12.

Victory for the Year 11 Netball Team

Many congratulations to our Year 11 netball team for their victory over Chelmsford County High School (14-9.)  They are competing in the Mid-Essex Netball league and are on track to end the season in 3rd position this year which is a great achievement.

Year 11 Mock Results

Congratulations to all our Year 11s on completing their mock GCSE examinations; today they discovered their results in a special assembly.  This time is designed to give them a real sense of what it would be like to open the envelope in the summer and discover what they have achieved, whether this be as expected, beyond or below their expectations and to reflect on their outcomes, revision techniques and exam strategies.  Mrs Wootton, Year Leader, spoke to the students about “Growth Mindset” and the power of the word “yet” in reflecting on results. Many students have not achieved their targets “yet” but are well on their way and have a clearer understanding of what help, advice and guidance is available to support them. Some of our Lower Sixth students shared their experiences of GCSE and told the students what they would do differently if they were now back in their Year 11 shoes.

Mrs Gee said, “We are very proud of our Year 11 students; they took this experience seriously and worked conscientiously towards their goals and many students were pleased were their results this morning, knowing these certificates were a reflection of their best efforts. We will continue to support, guide and encourage them in what is a challenging and stressful time for them all.”

Zoe Coppin, who is hoping to go on to study Mathematics, exceeded expectations as a result of her hard work  and determination to achieve her target grades said, “I am overwhelmed with these fantastic results, I never thought I would be able to get a 6 in English and A* in French and Spanish.”

Year 7 take part in Chinese painting workshops

On Friday 16th December, 7C went to the Southbank Centre for the launch of their new festival China Changing. The three year festival will showcase contemporary China and its creative influence and connections with the UK through art and culture. The students really enjoyed the opportunity to take part in Chinese painting workshops, listen to a dramatic recital of a Chinese myth, listen to traditional Chinese instruments, and participate in translation workshops. Seamus Mellon and Carla Turbides Coiscou formed part of the opening panel discussion and talked about their experiences learning Chinese and what it means to them, whilst Yan Morris and Tea Kaci gave short presentations in Mandarin Chinese.

Neon Disco for Year 7s

The U6 students organised the Year 7 disco as part of the Event Management Unit of their Applied Travel and Tourism A Level.  They chose a UV theme and encouraged Year 7s to raise extra money by having their faces painted and having photos with their friends in a homemade photo booth!  The DJ provided music and lights which created an authentic atmosphere in the Sports Hall and the school canteen provided refreshments to be served in the gallery of the sports hall.  The event ran from 6-8pm on the 24th November.

U6 quotes: ‘We feel proud to have raised potentially £600 for Sarcoma UK’ ‘We had a great time organising the disco, we gained key skills and grew as a team’ ‘Everything ran smoothly and the students really enjoyed themselves’

Year 7 Quotes: ‘I enjoyed dancing with friends and also the Instagram photo booth was really good’;
‘I liked it when there were really good songs on and everybody was dancing’

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