Students take part in a workshop led by the Sports and Exercise department of the University of Essex

Anglo A level PE students had a wonderful opportunity to take part in a workshop led by the Sports and Exercise department of the University of Essex. The students took part in a range of physical activities whilst data was collected for analysis. The lecturer gave a presentation describing and explaining the outcomes of the data and the students heard about the experience of being an undergraduate and the benefits of university life. It was a successful visit which we hope will inform our students about future opportunities in further education.

Student competes in the Eastern and Essex County Championships

Lily Parris, 9N has recently competed in the Eastern and Essex county championships in the indoor 60m hurdles.

After qualifying for the finals, Lily finished second overall, winning the silver medal for Eastern Counties, but won the gold medal for the Essex County Championship (photo). When Lily met Mr Barrs she explained that she trains at Chelmsford Athletics Club twice a week before school and alternate Wednesdays and then also trains at Lee Valley twice a week.

Next weekend Lily will be competing at the England National Championships in Sheffield for the 60m Hurdles, where she is currently rated in the top 10 in the UK. We could be looking at our next GB Olympic hurdler!

National Citizen Service

Representatives from the National Citizen Service gave a presentation to our Year 11s to try and encourage them to sign up for Summer 2017. The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a 2-4 week programme which takes place outside of term time in the spring, summer and autumn holidays. By committing to the NCS programme students will develop the skills that employers increasingly value: confidence, leadership and independence. For more information see their website

Head Boy and Head Girl votes are in

The results of the Head Boy / Head Girl voting are as follows:

Head Boy Alex Uzoka
Deputy Head Boy Samuel Ameiza-Djabli

Head Girl Olivia Conway
Deputy Head Girl Francesca Butt

Congratulations to all our candidates.

Sixth Form host their biennial Law and Medicine evening

AES International Sixth Form was pleased to host their biennial Law and Medicine evening on the 2nd February which was attended by around 120 parents and students. The students were able to hear from Admissions Tutors for both subject from both ARU and UCL, as well as hear from practicing solicitors, barristers, GPs and consultants about the daily life of a legal or medical professional.

The idea of the evening is to not only give students and parents an insight into the realities of occupations within both professions, but, in addition, if this is a serious potential career choice, to give students information on how to make a competitive application and gain relevant work experience. Feedback from the event was very positive and it was pleasing to see so many students from different schools attend the event, evidencing Anglo’s continuing commitment to offer opportunities to all state school students in the local area and not just those from our own school.

Workplace opportunities at the World of Work

Inevitably, the World of Work (WOW) is an unknown place for many students when in their teens. At the Anglo European School we try to reduce this unknown by providing numerous workplace opportunities, one being that all students go out on work experience placements of their choice for 2 weeks in the summer term of Year 10 as part of our curriculum. Another is that in year 11, students follow a work related learning scheme of work in Citizenship, culminating in a WOW day, as soon as possible after they have received their mock GCSE results, when the reality of their future is looming nearer. This year, our WOW event was held on Friday 20th January.
The overall aim of WOW is to better equip our students to be more competitive and influential in the increasingly global world of work. More specifically, it is to give our students an insight into the skills and attitudes required for the world of work and to give them the opportunity to practise, develop and demonstrate these in a familiar environment BUT with unknown professionals (to them, but known to AES as many of the 35 interviewers were ex-students / parents / local community professionals).

All students attended in business dress and participated in a number of employability skills workshops as well as a mock interview with an external professional who gave invaluable personal verbal and written feedback to each student. Student responses to the interviews were enlightening – “I’ve learnt not to be over confident, be calm and collected”, “If you look the part, it’ll give you more confidence”, “Interviews aren’t as scary as I thought they would be” and “I need to add more to my CV and get more work experience”

Interviewer responses included “All the pupils were polite and smartly dressed. They gave a good impression and seemed keen to be part of the day”, “A very impressive group of young people”.

The workshops comprised of Interview Skills, E- interviews,Creating a website, Financial Skills and Creative Thinking. The Creative Thinking session was based upon brand and brand positioning in the advertising world and utilised group work, collective thinking, idea generation and presentation skills. The Interview Skills incorporated top tips on interview techniques – body language, handling difficult questions, what not to do (from experience!) etc whilst the Financial skills ran through the principles of tax and pensions.

Overall, the day was deemed a huge success, one of our workshop presenters, Ed Flack from Wizeup Consultants said “I work in about 30 schools all over the country, throughout the year, delivering my workshops to students. What makes schools unique are the people who inhabit them. When I come to the Anglo I find bright, inquisitive young people who have time and respect for their teachers, time and respect for visitors and time and respect for each other. Days such of these are rare. Few teachers see the benefit of taking a whole day out of the timetable, especially in a GCSE year, but it is days such as these which sets the Anglo apart. Everyone here has been given a unique insight into how the world of work operates – an opportunity that has been grabbed with both hands. I have no doubt in my mind that schools such as the Anglo are the best that I work in and Anglo itself represents the best of the best”.

Languages Cinema Room

D11 has been transformed from an old languages stock cupboard into a fantastic cinema room for Sixth Formers to enjoy films in different languages. We have kindly been donated a large tv, video, chairs etc. The launch of D11, now renamed “The Steve Cain Cinema Room” after our Deputy Headteacher Steve Cain who retired last year, was held yesterday and invited to cut the ribbon. Steve Cain said he was “astonished at the transformation that this space had undertaken”. If anyone has any film posters for foreign language films or any DVDs or books that you no longer use in a foreign language, they would be gratefully received for our collection.

Head Boy and Head Girl elections are well underway

The Head Boy and Head Girl elections are well underway. All candidates needed to gain five nominations or more from their peers to be officially in the running. They have had meetings with the Sixth Form staff to discuss their candidacy and to talk through their policies to see if they were feasible. An interview has taken place with the Headteachers and they have since written their manifestos, designed their poster and edited their campaign video. These videos will be on the website and will be viewed by all the students as part of their tutor time this week. The campaign week will run from 2nd February to 9th February and then the voting will take place on 9th February. Our new Head Boy and Head Girl will be announced on 10th February. Good luck to all our candidates.

Lower Sixth students plan and deliver their own lessons

Sociology Lower Sixth students are currently studying the topic of “Education” and this week they have planned and delivered their own lessons as though they are the class teacher.  The nature of the “Education” topic looks at key issues in schools such as labelling and setting students, therefore this project enables them to have first-hand experience of what a teacher needs to consider.  Their Sociology teacher has worked with them on planning and what activities to put together for a good lesson. Mr Barrs, Headteacher observed one of these lessons and concluded that “ ’the teachers’ had excellent subject knowledge and all students in the class made progress!”

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