Congratulations to our Gymnastics team

Congratulations to our Gymnastics team for competing in the Essex Schools Gymnastic competition, hosted by Chelmsford Gym Club. All schools in Essex compete in a floor routine and vault as both individuals and as a team. We finished 11th out of 24 schools.

British Film Institute visit Anglo

The British Film Institute in partnership with the organisation ‘Into Film’ came into Anglo to film a video in Languages. 7E were taught using two short films in French by Ms Earley and the lesson was recorded in order to make training video for teachers internationally about how to teach different languages through the medium of short film. They also interviewed Ms Earley and Mrs William, Head of Chinese, about best practice when using both short films and feature films to transmit a love of languages. It was very exciting for 7E as six students were also interviewed by the film company. The film will be edited soon and available for us to watch.

A Very Musical Monday!

Once again, the school was visited by two Youth Music ambassadors from the New YVC choir. This long running partnership has enabled Anglo singers to learn new repertoire and vocal techniques, all taught with great enthusiasm and energy. Last year, Anglo singers joined with seven other schools and a professional band to perform at the Stratford Arts Circus. This year’s project is even bigger – a July performance at the Royal Festival Hall with singers from thirteen other schools and VIP guest musicians and choirs. Anglo singers are definitely looking forward to this amazing opportunity and I am sure they would appreciate your support by attending this concert.

Tickets for the event are available through the following link. Tickets are usually £5 but your discount code is SCUNITE for £2 tickets!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Also, Y10 GCSE Music students and students receiving drum lessons were given the opportunity to attend a workshop given by two former members of Stomp.

Dave and Nas, who had toured all over the world with the Stomp group for many years, taught the Anglo students how to explore beats and rhythms using body percussion and day-to-day objects. This was mixed with a variety of movements which proved a real challenge for many! As always, our students rose to the challenge and the musical outcomes sounded fantastic as well as really helping performance and listening skills. A really fun and engaging day.

Historical Society invites students to enter the John Eastell essay writing competition

The Ingatestone and Fryerning Historical Society invited sixth form History students to enter the John Eastell essay writing competition. The society had an enjoyable afternoon reading through the students’ essays on topics from the causes of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, the rule of both Lenin and Stalin, the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the American war of Independence. Entries were submitted from both lower and upper sixth A-Level and International Baccalaureate students and the society were very impressed with the quality and scholarly approach of the work. The eventually decided on the three prize winners: Jake Coulson (pictured), Eleanor Clarke and Katarina Beck. These students will share a prize of £100 and the winner’s name will be engraved on the trophy that the society have donated to the school.

The prize giving took place on March 7th, Jake and Katharina presented their essays and took questions from the audience about their work. The History department at the Anglo European School have been very pleased to work with the society on this project, it is great to see the often highly impressive work of the students valued and recognised by a wider audience.

Students visit the laboratories of Professor Clive Page at King’s College London

In keeping with our goal to give our Sixth Form students as many opportunities as possible to develop their curiosity and skill set beyond the curriculum, a group of 20 students from both L6 and U6 visited the laboratories of Professor Clive Page at King’s College London just before half term to examine his use of animals in experiments related to pulmonary disease. The students had the opportunity to view the laboratories, discuss the work of specialist scientists based there and also analyse the conditions and regulatory processes surrounding the use of animals in this type of research. All the students found this a unique and stimulating experience, evidenced by a quote from Franziska Beck in the L6:

The trip to King’s college was both educational and eye-opening. I think there is often a misconception of animal testing, that it is random and unsanitary, yet this trip revealed the excessive and thorough protocols, licences etc. which scientists who are testing on animals have to go through before experimentation. Before a scientist can test on animals, they must fully consider and analyse whether the benefit this test will have on science outweighs the harm done to the animals. The cost involved is also huge.
A phrase, said by a woman who worked in the animal testing unit, has stuck with me: “respect for the animals and their contribution to science”.

This is a highly controversial topic and it is important that our students develop informed and balanced views

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