Head Boy and Head Girl Elections

The Head Boy and Head Girl elections are well underway. All candidates needed to gain five nominations or more from their peers to be officially in the running. They have had meetings with the Sixth Form staff to discuss their candidacy and to talk through their policies to see if they were feasible. An interview has taken place with the Headteachers and they have since written their manifestos, designed their poster and edited their campaign video. The campaign week will run from 1st February to 8th February and then the voting will take place on 8th February. Our new Head Boy and Head Girl will be announced on 9th February. Good luck to all our candidates.

Frankfurt Long Term Exchange

Mrs Peeters accompanied 5 of our keen linguists from Yr 10 on their outward journey to Frankfurt. They are all taking part in the prestigious 8 week exchange with the Goethe Gymnasium. The long term exchange to Frankfurt is now in its 41st year and the students were all really excited to see their exchange partners again. The Frankfurt students spent 8 weeks in the UK from September to November last year and attended school every day with their exchange partner. The 5 students involved will go to school in Germany and no doubt have a fantastic experience over the next 8 weeks while they fully integrate into the German way of life. Mrs Peeters will return to Frankfurt to collect them in mid-March and we wish them all the best during the next two months.

Year 11 Perform Road Safety Play

Year 11 students had a visit from Collingwood Learning to perform ‘Dead End’. This is part of Safer Essex Roads Partnership’s (SERP) road safety programme and delivered to highlight passenger responsibilities at a time when students may travel with newly qualified drivers.

‘Dead End’ is delivered through incredibly powerful monologues interspersed with theatrical action, and imagery via a projection screen. The audience is guided powerfully through the key messages as we see the build-up to, and consequences of two crashes. Designed for this age group, the performance uses a ‘talking heads’ style approach with graphic descriptions of the crashes and the emotional scars. This performance has been particularly effective as a means of communicating powerfully with Year 11s, who have proved highly receptive to this more sophisticated and emotive approach.
Key messages: Don’t drink/drug drive; wear seatbelts; don’t distract the driver; don’t speed or show off.


CAS Eco Group update

The CAS Eco Group visited the Headteacher to talk through the launch of Litterbusters and other eco-friendly ideas to improve the school environment such as the planting of trees and assisting with the science garden.

Anglo host world of work day

The Anglo hosted its annual World of Work (WoW) day for Year 11 when over 40 adults from the world of business, commerce and the public sector joined our Citizenship staff to provide insight into work and interview experience. All students attended in business dress and participated in a number of employability skills workshops as well as a mock interview with an external professional who gave invaluable personal verbal and written feedback to each student. Student responses to the interviews were enlightening – “I’ve learnt not to be over confident, be calm and collected”, “If you look the part, it’ll give you more confidence”, “Interviews aren’t as scary as I thought they would be” and “I need to add more to my CV and get more work experience”. Some of the interviewers said “Every one of the students were a credit to themselves and the school”, “They were all really good at providing positive and useful advice to each other” and “Fantastic to meet some talented young people who speak very highly of the school”.

Inevitably, the World of Work (WOW) is an unknown place for many students when in their teens. We try to reduce this unknown by providing numerous workplace opportunities, one being that all students go out on work experience placements of their choice for 2 weeks in the summer term of Year 10 as part of our curriculum. Another is that in year 11, students follow a work related learning scheme of work in Citizenship, culminating in a WOW day, as soon as possible after they have received their mock GCSE results, when the reality of their future is looming nearer.

The overall aim of WOW is to better equip our students to be more competitive and influential in the increasingly global world of work. More specifically, it is to give our students an insight into the skills and attitudes required for the world of work and to give them the opportunity to practise, develop and demonstrate these in a familiar environment BUT with unknown professionals (to them, but known to AES as many of the 35 interviewers were ex-students/parents/local community professionals).

Students learn about the world of finance and insurance

Six of our U6th students learnt about the world of finance and insurance and job opportunities when they attended an ‘insight day’ and were given a tour of the iconic Lloyd’s of London building hosted by the London Market Group on behalf of the London insurance market, in conjunction with the Essex County Council Apprenticeship Hub. They listened to other apprentices and graduates who are currently working in the market on their personal experiences and were given advice on working in the insurance sector.

Along with our students, the event was also attended Brentwood County High, Brentwood Ursuline, Bromfords Billericay, King John and Shenfield.

Essex Apprenticeship Hub commented on “what lovely polite students you have at Anglo. All six of the students were a credit to the school, they were all really engaging and think they made a really positive impression with the staff working in the syndicates at Lloyds.”

Olly Simmans,U6TP said “This day proved to be extremely useful, revealing that there is a lot more involved within insurance and how big a role it plays in everything that we do in our day-to-day lives. If this opportunity was to arise again, I would highly recommend that anyone takes a risk and goes for it as you may never know where it leads you to.” Another student commented “I think we all represented the school well as we asked lots of questions, networked and showed a genuine interest in the industry. I know some of the other students have now considered insurance as a potential career path.”

Essex County Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic Growth, Cllr Kevin Bentley, said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for our young people to hear first-hand about apprenticeships and the world of work in the finance and insurance sector. Finance and insurance is one of our key growth sectors with over 25,000 people in Essex employed in the industry and more than 11,000 Essex job vacancies advertised in this sector during 2015-16. There are a range of apprenticeships available in the sector and young people can earn while they learn, gain valuable skills and qualifications. I’d encourage young people to visit www.getingofar.gov.uk to take a look at apprenticeship opportunities.”

History Assembly

The Year 7s were fortunate to have an extended assembly on the history of Ingatestone. David Abrey, a member of the Ingatestone Historical Society and a lifelong village resident, gave a fascinating presentation to the students on the origin of the village and its development through the ages. The students listened attentively and then had the opportunity to ask a range of questions. It was thought-provoking and an invaluable lesson in helping the children to think about the place where they go to school, and how it has changed over time.

Senior citizens’ party was a fantastic success

The senior citizens’ party was a fantastic success this year despite the fact that the week before when it was initially scheduled it had to be cancelled due to the snow.  The Sixth Formers really pulled together to give our guests an afternoon to remember.  They enjoyed singing Christmas carols along with our school choir, listened to a lovely solo from Lottie Bradford and were entertained by our Lower Sixth pantomime team.  They also took part in a game of bingo and all left with prizes from the raffle, all kindly donated by members of the community, students and parents.

Livvy Hendrick said “Despite the party being cancelled last week, the team was able to sort everything out in time for the rescheduled date. We had a great turnout of around 55 people, all of which seemed to enjoy themselves. The team members were great at chatting to the OAPs and getting to know a little bit about them. They enjoyed the entertainment and especially the bingo! The visitors were also very thankful for all of their gifts. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the team and I would happily do it again.” Michael Zalewski added “Organising, planning, and re-organising the Senior Citizen’s Christmas Party was an invaluable experience. I would say, being given the responsibility to organise the party, from start to finish is the greatest test in comparison to previous Citizenship events and activities in the school. It is not only the fact that we were given the responsibility to carry out a task, and only guidance along the way, which enabled us all to gain the utmost from the activity. Organising the event was challenging, it consisted of balancing studies, deadlines as well as other commitments, yet still making party plans and agendas to piece the party together. The planning phase was also tricky, but we managed to work well in teams sharing responsibilities, and communicating between the teams – helping each other to make sure everything was being done. The event enabled me to develop upon my skillset, but more importantly enabled the Senior Citizens of Ingatestone have a good time, it is this that I am proudest of. The day ran smoothly seeing the guests exuberant, and (somewhat) content in our main hall alongside the sixth-form body, talking and smiling amongst each-other made me really pleased. It was this end out-come we had all worked for and achieved, but it has to be said that the work which we have done is only one part of the story. The event is a community event – between the School and Ingatestone, and without the help of many people’s time, generosity and understanding it would not have been anything that was made possible yesterday.”

Thank you to all our parents, students and community for all their kind donations.  Thank you also to Raynors for donating all the sandwiches.


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