Surprise visit from ex-student

We had a surprise visit from an ex-student, Paul Sumner who left the former Ingatestone Secondary School (now Anglo European School) in 1966. On leaving the school he spent four years at Colchester Art School and is now an artist living in Australia. He has just completed some work for the Exodus Foundation who provide food, primary healthcare and crisis support to Sydney’s homeless, for which Paul is a strong advocate. He has an exhibition coming up in Sydney called “Falling through the Cracks”. He really enjoyed his tour of the school with Deputy Head Boy, Brady Asumang, although he commented on how different the school looked now to 1966.

Ingatestone and Fryerning Historical and Archaeological Society sponsor history essay-writing competition

A presentation was held at the school by the Ingatestone and Fryerning Historical and Archaeological Society. Every year the Society kindly sponsor a history essay-writing competition for Sixth Form students. This aims to recognise the process of historical research and the execution of well-written enquiries on a range of historical topics. This year, the winner was Hannah Cando who wrote an essay on the British role in the foundation of the state of Israel. The two runners-up were Laura McAuliffe and Blanca Vasy who submitted essays on methods of Nazi terror and Industrialisation in late Tsarist Russia respectively. The students presented their essays and then fielded questions from the audience related to their research. The society were very impressed by the quality of work submitted and many interesting discussions occurred. We look forward to the competition running again next year.

Significant money raised at Giving Nation

Anglo held its annual Giving Nation event on Friday 27th April 2018. This charity event marked the end of the Charities Week supporting Amnesty International, Cancer Research UK, The Samaritans and the School’s link with Lesotho. As part of their Citizenship curriculum, Year 8 students have worked hard on their stalls to try and make as much money as possible.

The Hall was packed with students selling cakes, drinks and treats. Students took part in games, competitions and tattooing. Beauty parlours did a roaring trade offering nail, hair and face decorations. The highlight of the day however, was seeing the student’s joy at being able to tape teachers to the windows!!

Significant money was raised for four well-deserving charities. Well done Year 8!

Ex-student Adem Aydin visits the Anglo

We were visited by ex-Anglo student Adem Aydin who is currently a Photojournalism and Documentary Photography student.  He is working on a project looking at the process of becoming an Anglo European student, telling the story through images and texts.  He has photographed parents, teachers, students and ex-students to capture the unique educational experience that we offer.  He also photographed David Barrs, Headteacher.  Adem studied at the school between 2008 and 2015 and said:  “I felt a real sense of the Anglo Family that we all hear about so much.  One of the most important aspects of the story is the students who are currently being educated with the school’s values.  Aesthetically, the story is conducted with environmental portraits, which aim to show individuals at different stages of the journey in the places they find themselves currently. So for instance, an image of students in a class learning a language, represents what the school has to offer”.  Adem went on to say “The story is academic at this point, but the nature of my course and work aims to give coverage to stories that we feel need to be told, and this is exactly the case for the Anglo European’s story. It is a story that I would love to share.”

We are looking forward to seeing the final project.

Student appointed as Senior Princess at the Witham Carnival Court

We’re delighted to announce that Sherya Rajeev has been appointed as Senior Princess at the Witham Carnival Court. This will involve representing the town in various events across the county in the coming year. To achieve the title, Sherya had to attend two interviews in front of the Mayor, the local MP, Preti Patel, and council members. She was asked about her vision for the town and how it could be improved and she focused her responses on supporting promoting adoption as a means of providing children with good homes and better facilities and provision for the elderly.

Sherya spoke about the areas of her education that she was most proud of and enjoyed such as Drama, Music, (she plays piano, guitar and violin) PE and Languages. She is currently studying three languages – Italian, German and French and explained how her experiences at the Anglo had developed her confidence and ability to put herself forward for positions of responsibility and exciting enrichment activities such as her recent visit to Kerala with the International Drama Academy. Sherya is an impressive young woman who the Anglo can be very proud of as she takes on this very public role in the coming year.

IB students move towards their final hurdle

Our IB students leave the Anglo today to begin their final preparations for their exams. They dressed as their favourite icons to mark this special day. David Barrs, Headteacher said: “Another generation of IB students move towards their final hurdle at school and we wish them every success.”

Another successful International Day

Another successful International Day organised by the Sixth Formers to celebrate the unique cultural diversity of our students featuring workshops such as origami and henna lessons, traditional musical and poetry performances in punjabi and creole, food from around the world including Nigeria and Somalia, Afrobeats and Turkish dance classes and a taster didgeridoo lesson. Also held throughout the day was a kickboxing competition, a Carrom Board Game championship, a sari/guntiino wrapping competition and an international football tournament. All Sixth Formers threw themselves into the spirit of the day by dressing in their traditional and ‘not-so traditional’ costumes and gained a deeper understanding of a wide range of cultures.

GCSE musicians were fully immersed in the world of Brazilian samba music

Year 10 and Year 11 GCSE musicians were fully immersed in the world of Brazilian samba music as Dan Skeats, percussion teacher, delivered an exciting programme that explored the importance of rhythm through practical work… lots of very LOUD practical work. The rest of the school community were treated to fantastic performances at break and lunch which fitted perfectly with the school’s celebration of its international ethos on the same day.

The school’s Subject Leader for Music, Mr Gordon, said that “students really enjoyed the practical experience and the Arts faculty continues to prepare for its forthcoming Artsmark Platinum assessment.” Further masterclasses are already being planned for next year and he hopes that the relationship with Essex Music services continues to develop.

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