Students have a fantastic time at their Prom

The Upper Sixth students all had a fantastic time at their Prom last night, which was well-deserved after all the hard work they put into their recent examinations. The evening was a real celebration of their time with us in the Sixth Form and the school and was a genuinely happy and emotional evening for all involved. We hope the students enjoy their Summer and we look forward to seeing them back in school on their results days to celebrate their success.

The Great Get Together Picnic

The Jo Cox Foundation, which was set up to honour the memory of the MP Jo Cox, who was murdered two years ago, once again organised The Great Get Together. We decided to celebrate this by organising A Big Picnic during both lower school and upper school lunchtimes. This was an opportunity for the Anglo Family to come together and students were encouraged to not only take part but also to meet people who they had never met before. The students enjoyed playing football on the field and listening to the music whilst eating their picnic. A big thank you to our sandwich suppliers, Raynors for contributing to this event.

As Jo Cox said, “There is more that unites us than divides us”, and we believe these sentiments resonate with the ethos of the Anglo. One of our key aims is to ensure that young people are confident in their own cultures and confident about moving between cultures. Our mission statement, inspired by the International Baccalaureate Organisation, calls on us to develop young people who are principled but also open-minded and balanced and that they come to understand that “other people, with their differences, might be right”. This encourages tolerance but also develops an understanding which enables young people to challenge that which they disagree with.

District Athletics

Over 90 Anglo European students across year 7-10 competed in the Brentwood district athletics tournament on the 13th June at the Melbourne athletics stadium in Chelmsford. A prestigious event which sees 7 different local schools competing in track and field.

Several of our students won medals at this event including:

Yr9 Precious Ameiza Djabli who came 1st in the 200m
Yr9 Nike Esho who came 1st in the high jump
Yr9 Elizabeth Dean who came 3rd in the 1500m
Yr10 Lily Parris who came 1st in the hurdles and long jump and broke the district sports record for long jump
Yr10 Mia Boulter who came 1st in the 800m

Yr7 Dillon Onasanya 3rd 100m
Yr8 Pietro Ferro 2nd 800m
Yr8 Kadmiel Christie 3rd High Jump
Yr8 Harold Adu-Poku- 1st 200m
Yr8 Relay team 3rd
Yr9 Bobby Daiiy 2nd 800m
Yr9 Syris Vige 1st 100m, 2nd Long Jump
Yr9 Bradley Asumang 2nd 100m
Yr9 Solomon Folasayo 3rd 200m
Yr9 Lucas Queiroz-Dungworth 2nd 300m
Yr9 Tom Scrimshaw 3rd long Jump
Yr9 Stanlet Mowle 3rd High Jump
Yr9 Relay team 2nd
Yr10 Peter Brinton-Quinn 1st Javelin

Congratulations to all those who took part in this great event.

Arts Week at the Anglo

This week saw the inaugural Arts and Performance Enrichment week for Year 9 students; the aim of the week was to ignite students’ interest in the subject they have chosen in Option D for next year and teach them some advanced skills which will prepare them well for GCSE. During the week, those students who will be studying Drama have been working with industry professionals in circus skills and combat choreography to produce key scenes from Macbeth, which, incidentally will be their Shakespeare text for English next year too. The Music Department have worked with multi-talented percussionist, John Harris from Essex Music Service (who specialises in West African drumming techniques) to design the soundtrack for the witches and battle scenes and performed with the Drama group to produce a spectacular, original interpretation of the Shakespeare play.

Those who chose Art, Textiles or Design and Technology have been working with ex-Anglo student Hetty Rose, Shoe designer to create their own design and products and those who chose PE had the choice of working with industry professionals James Lee Harris, who was part of the team who recently won the Lawrence Olivier Award for dancing at the London Palladium and Jo Rafiq (her film credits include Tim Burton’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘The Holiday’ with Cameron Diaz) to choreograph some very impressive dance routines or to follow a programme of Sports and Physiology in preparation for the demands of the new GCSE course. Hetty Rose said “Thank you so much for today! It was lovely to talk to the students and be back in the art rooms”.

The Arts and PE Department have worked tirelessly to ensure our Year 9s have had an amazing week whilst many of their usual teachers are away on visits. For many students, they have been so successful that they will qualify to submit their portfolio forward for Arts Award, Bronze. They were fortunate enough to work with Piotr Pawarski (stilt walker and circus entertainer, who recently performed in the latest Disney movie) and Pamela Donald (Actor/Stage &Screen Fighter/Fight Director, who works for the Royal Opera House). All the industry professionals who taught Dance, Acting and Stage Combat this week are regular teachers at the International Drama Academy which runs every Saturday morning at Anglo European School.

All Year 9 students took part in a question and answer session with Kenny Baraka, a journeyman griot: born in Eritrea, raised in New York and now residing in London. Kenny has been sharpening and sharing his craft with diverse communities and musicians the world over. As an author, journalist, lyricist, lecturer, songwriter and teacher, working all over the world, Kenny brought his charismatic brand of street-smart intellectualism to the Anglo this week.

All the students have commented on how much they have enjoyed this week, Jessica Farrant said “I enjoyed every aspect of Arts Week, I definitely think every Year 9 should have this opportunity.” Marleen Tamtik said “This week was amazing and shall stay in my memory forever.”

All visiting professionals working with our students have commented on their innovation, resilience and engagement in the challenges presented to them. Well done Year 9!

Sixth Form Prefects

We are pleased to announce that our first ever cohort of Sixth Form Prefects officially took up their roles today in school. Subject Prefects will concentrate on working in Departments to promote knowledge of their subject across different year groups, developing displays of student work and to make contact with extra-curricular organisations to further develop our student’s academic understanding in the subject. Whole School Prefects will help to assist both teaching and professional support staff in their duties at break, lunch time and during assemblies across the school day. Both sets of Prefects will develop new skills whilst also acting as a useful effective extra level of support for the student population. They can be identified by their bright yellow lanyards/name badges and aim to be accessible to students and support the wider on-going work of the Student Council and Executive in ensuring students’ voice and views are heard. We wish this first cohort the very best of luck and look forward to developing their leadership roles.

Squash Success

Congratulations to Jackie Gregory, teacher of PE, who has recently competed in the British Open Squash Championships and is currently seeded 9-12. She played against another seeded 5-8 player and won this match 3-1 progressing through to the final 8, but then losing to the number 1 seeded player. This summer, she will be competing in the WSF Worlds Squash Championships. We are very fortunate to have such a world-class squash player to introduce our students to this fabulous sport. She has, for the past 2 years, been working alongside the England Squash and Rackbetball Foundation, teaching our Year 8 students the necessary skills to excel in this sport.

Chinese Enrichment Week

Class 7C MEP Chinese enrichment week commenced with the theme “Imagine”, which saw the students learning about a Chinese songs and Pop Culture. They devised songs and dramatic performances, which they performed to the local primary school students at the culmination of the week. As part of this event, we welcomed the three piece British rock band Transition, who combine rock with Asian rhythm and melody and sing in Chinese. Students took part in a songwriting workshop with the band and then, along with the rest of Year 7, they enjoyed watching Transition perform some of their greatest hits.

Together, with other MEP students and teachers from our partner MEP school, Melbourne Village College, Cambridge, we visited the British Museum and had a traditional Chinese buffet lunch in a restaurant in China Town. Students from both school communicated in Chinese, shared their MEP learning experiences, which has boosted their confidence and build friendships across the two schools. Students were fascinated by the Chinese history and culture, displayed in British Museum and discovered as part of the China Town visit.

On Wednesday, students engaged in cultural workshops provided by the specialist teachers from CI TCM at Southbank University. The workshops included Chinese dance, tranditional music and Martial arts. Students learnt to blend Western musical traditions with Chinese instruments.

On Thursday, Year 7 students spent the day at the University of Cambridge, as guests of the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. They had the privilege of being taught language and calligraphy lessons by some of the staff from the Faculty. They also had the opportunity to have lunch with former Anglo European student, Eliz Avni, and they were able to ask her all about life at Cambridge and what it was like to study Chinese at such a high level at such a prestigious university. The day finished with a tour of the city and its colleges in the sunshine! The Professor spoke very highly of our students’ linguistic abilities and we are grateful for the continued offer to support our Chinese teachers develop their skills, enabling them to continue to stretch and challenge this cohort so that they realize their full potential on this course.

Throughout the week, the MEP students were preparing for a workshop to be delivered to the children at our local primary school, Ingatestone Juniors. On Friday afternoon, our MEP students delivered a session which began with a presentation of two songs and a dance to the Year 3 and 4 children. They then worked with them on a carousel of workshops involving language teaching, painting and calligraphy. The MEP students really enjoyed taking the role of the teacher and they were able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to younger students, inspiring possible Chinese students of the future.

Stop The Spread

This week twenty-one Year 7 students accepted the challenge to find a real solution to a global problem. The focus of the Stop the Spread challenge was on improving hygiene as a way of reducing the spread of infectious diseases. In four teams, students designed a device to capture rainwater to be used for handwashing. The project required the students to apply their knowledge of how infectious diseases are spread and think creatively within a budget. They developed team-working, communication and problem-solving skills to build a model of their product using recycled materials and produce education materials suitable for primary school children in Kenya. Our students rose to the challenge magnificently.

A Nobel Prize Themed Globex Week

Year 8 “Nobel Prize themed” Globex Week began with a very exciting forensic science day which linked with the achievements of the Nobel Laureate’s for Chemistry and Physics. The students learnt about Nobel prize winners and what they had contributed to Science and, in particular, the field of Forensic Science. The students were shown a video clip, setting the scene for the comical crime, where members of the Leadership Team were all suspects.

The students had to wear forensic suits, so as to not contaminate evidence. They collected and analysed fingerprints from the murder weapon; analysed soil samples to see what compounds they contained and then matched them to different suspects; and they used microscopes to compare fibres and hairs. They completed a chromatography practical to match ink from a pen used to write a bribery note and finally measured and compared patterns and tread for a footprint left at the scene to each suspect’s footprints.

They then had to collate all of their evidence and put together a two minute presentation indicating who they thought the suspect was.
The whole day culminated in Mrs Gee being arrested for the crime and being led away by two of the investigating students. Mrs Gee responded, “Despite the outcome, which of course is scandalous and has led to a terrible miscarriage of justice, our Forensic Science day has been a great success. The students have been able to apply their scientific knowledge in a specific vocational setting and have learnt how Chemistry and Physics can be applied to solve the most complex of crimes! We would like to thank Mrs Beard and her team for their hard work and dedication here; they went the extra mile to ensure students had an enriched learning experience and a lot of fun. A huge amount of thought and preparation went into making this very special and the students were very appreciative of their efforts.”

On the second day of Globex, the students learnt about the inspiring story of Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala. Activities involved participating in the #BooksNotBullets Campaign, writing a six word memoir, taking an education walk to understand the lives of those who Malala campaigns for, researching womens’ rights issues and global campaigns to give every child an education and sending a postcard to Malala herself. The students’ work has been displayed in the library and delivers a powerful message.

The following day, the students participated in activities themed on 2016 Literature Nobel prize-winner Bob Dylan and the answers, my friends, were far from blowing in the wind! The day began with a pop music quiz and a performance of Bob Dylan’s music by Year 11 Tom Stafford, who kindly returned in the middle of his examinations to facilitate this. The students then conducted research and performed presentations on the singer-songwriter’s life, analysed his work in the style of the GCSE poetry analysis writing component and created their own protest songs on current affairs topics. The winners of the quiz were ‘The Seis Amigas’, coming top in the ‘name that intro’ round, ‘fill in the song lyrics gaps’ and ‘identify the musician’ round.

Thursday’s events were focussed on the Nobel prize related to Physiology and we linked this to the imminent Football world cup. Students played in a mock world cup football tournament representing nations from around the world. Sweden won this morning competition. They spent time in English writing up a newspaper report on the world cup tournament; in Citizenship they learnt about the controversies surrounding FIFA and the world cup bidding process; in Languages they learnt some phases related to Physiology and the football world cup and in Science they learnt about muscles and bones in the human body necessary to be an elite athlete.

The last day was a cross-curricular study of Marie Curie. The students studied the work and achievements of Curie through compiling a biography in English; studying her significance in History; her achievements in the context of women’s rights in Sociology; and separating two materials, as Marie Curie did, in Science. They ended the day with a quiz on all that they had learnt, involving themselves in some metacognitive research about how we learn best, how we retain information and what skills we can employ to improve our memory and remember our learning throughout the week.

We would like to thank the Anglo staff for their creativity and ingenuity in putting together a fabulous programme of enrichment for our remaining Year 8 students while so many students and staff are away on visits, enjoying their exchanges.