Sports day was another huge success

Anglo’s 2018 sports day was another huge success. The weather was lovely as always and the students had a great time competing and cheering on their form members. Hundreds of pupils competed in a variety of athletic events in a top class facility. The entire teaching staff and many professional support staff worked together to make the day a success. The form Monnet were the overall winners, so well done to their form members and tutors who supported them throughout.


Native Speaker Event

All French, German and Spanish native speakers in Key Stage 3 came together for the first ever native speaker enrichment event hosted by the Languages Department. Students worked in their language groups to write and perform a play in French, German or Spanish, using only a bag of random objects as inspiration.  Mrs Peeters, Head of Languages said “After two hours of planning, preparation and rehearsal, we all gathered in the main hall, where each group performed their play in front of their peers.

The event was a huge success and students have now been tasked with writing a review of the event in their native language, which we will use as part of our display at open evening in September.

A very big thanks to Madame Gallet, Mrs Latimer, Frau Appiah, all the sixth form prefects and of course, all the students for making this a success. Now to plan for next year!”


Testimony of a Holocaust Survivor

We were fortunate enough to receive a visit from Holocaust survivor, Leslie Kleinman. He shared an emotional , personal stories with the Headteachers and some Lower Sixth History students over tea and then gave his testimony to an audience of approximately 100 members of staff, students and members of the local community. His key message to us all is that love triumphs over hatred. He spoke emotively about the impact of the love of his mother and older sister in his early childhood and the vivid memories of his separation from his family, hard labour whist in Auschwitz and his enduring faith in God and subsequent resilience that enabled him to endure temperatures of -20 on the death marches. At 89, he spends his time visiting schools in this country and all over Europe to educate the next generation about the Holocaust and what lessons must be learnt. It was an honour and a privilege to hear living history shared in such a personal and powerful manner and we[‘re very grateful to Leslie and his wife Miriam for spending the afternoon with us. A special mention should also go to Lower Sixth student Alice Barry who initiated and organised this event, following her visit to Auscwitz as part of the Holocaust Educational Trust programme. Leslie was impressed with her commitment and determination to make this event happen and for her generation to hear his testimony first hand.

TMW Work experience

Five students from Year 11, Brisa Catteneo, Lottie Dahlen, Amelia Houghton, Abdul Allinson and Max Aspey-Kent are currently doing a two week work experience placement with TMW Unlimited, a Customer Engagement Agency based in the West End of London after entering the in-house competition for the chance to gain invaluable work experience. This is an amazing opportunity for our students to experience, first-hand, what the working world of a Customer Engagement Agency involves. It is sometimes difficult to gain access to the creative industries, even if our students have the right aptitude, interest or talent. TMW have not only opened this door but taken the door off its hinges by offering five of our students real life exposure to the industry by working on and influencing the launch of a real life product. One student said it “a truly incredible chance – we got to create something amazing, inspired by our generation.” The students are being given the opportunity to experience many aspects of the advertising business during their placement and are working on a live project which they will present on their last day.We are very grateful to TMW for affording such a privilege to our students.

Anglo Students of 2018 Celebrate Fantastic Results in Historic 40th Year as an International Baccalaureate School

On the day we celebrate our 40th birthday as an IB World school, we are also able to celebrate another remarkable set of IB results. In the Diploma Programme this has led to an impressive cohort average of 34 points, compared to the global average of 29 points last year (this year’s average has not yet been published.) We have two students with an incredible score of 43 points and a third student with 42. These results are testament to the hard work and dedication students have shown in their studies. However it must never be overlooked that we are equally proud of any student whose point score has been a triumph for them personally. Students sometimes have to face many adverse circumstances and often a pass is something to be celebrated as much as the very highest grades in those situations.

The IBCP is the newest addition to the IB’s continuum and Anglo European was the first school in the country to launch the programme in 2010. It is designed for students wishing to engage in career-related learning while gaining transferable skills sought after by employers. IBCP students have received their results for the DP subjects studied within the CP and 100% of the cohort have achieved their Careers Programme Qualification. Now these students await A Level results in August to finalise their next step plans.

David Barrs, co-Headteacher said,

“To achieve an average point score of 34/45 in the IB Diploma is remarkable enough but to achieve this consistently and compete with, if not outperform, local independent schools is testimony to the depth of experience we have built up during our long relationship with the IB organisation.

We are also delighted that we have achieved a 100% pass rate in the IB Career Programme. The IBCP is a professional qualification which complements the more academic Diploma.”

Marie-Louise Brown, the IB Curriculum Manager said,

“Yet again our students have demonstrated huge effort to achieve these fine results. The Diploma and Careers Programmes are becoming hugely popular in many parts of the world and our students join a growing international alumni. Praise for these results should also go to colleagues here at the Anglo European School who spend so much time beyond the classroom to support our students as they navigate their way through these testing courses. There is so much pressure on state schools to drop the IB as so many others have done because running them alongside A Levels is expensive but these results more than justify the bold decision to keep going with this fantastic qualification. IB students can now enjoy a long summer preparing for the next part of their lives whether that is university, an apprenticeship or the working world but whatever they do it will be good to have one last celebration with them today as the whole school marks the school’s 40th year anniversary delivering the International Baccalaureate.”

The school is hosting the celebration to mark its 40 year long association with the International Baccalaureate and all IB students and teachers, past and present have been invited.

A fantastic evening for both staff and students at the Year 11 Prom

The Year 11 Prom was a fantastic evening for both staff and students who attended. The girls looked really elegant and there were some amazing suits! All students behaved impeccably and spent the night taking photos with their friends and dancing the night away. The awards ceremony was a big success with a number of students walking away with awards ranging from ‘Most likely to become Prime Minister’ to ‘Most likely to win the lottery, but lose the ticket!’. It was the perfect way to finish their time at Anglo and send them off to enjoy their long summer break. We looking forward to congratulating them on results day on the 23rd August and wish them all well for their future endeavours.

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Chelsea’s Choice

As part of our on-going work to ensure that all of our students stay safe, Year 8 welcomed ‘Alter Ego Creative Solutions’ and their production of ‘Chelsea’s Choice’ last week. This is a hard hitting drama which deals with the sensitive but important issue of child sexual exploitation. The play was delivered in an innovative but powerful way and it highlighted a very serious and emotional issue. Our Year 8s responded maturely and we hope that watching the play has now opened up the topic for discussion at home and in school.

Teacher Training

Throughout the year, teaching staff have been involved in Teaching and Learning Groups (TLGs). Each group had a different pedagogical focus and involved aspects of research, development and sharing of good practice. We recently held a showcase carousel of all the different TLGs to bring together the year’s work and to share what we have been doing with members of other groups. This was a great opportunity for professional conversations and has provided teachers with ideas on how to develop teaching and learning within school.

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