GCSE Results 2018

Anglo European School is delighted to announce record GCSE results. These results are testament to the incredible work ethic and dedication shown by this year group in collaboration with staff and parents who have both supported our students with an unyielding force and commitment to ensure they achieved their full potential.

So many students have achieved amazing outcomes, both academically and personally and can now progress onto their chosen courses, on their next steps to prestigious universities, work-based training or careers abroad, like so many previous Anglo students before them.

There were significant increases in 9-7 grades this year which ensures students of the highest ability are on course for their International Baccalaureate Diploma, International Baccalaureate Career Programme or A Level courses. Many of them will be joining our outstanding International Sixth Form and we look forward to building on their triumphs at GCSE and watching them develop further in their academic pursuits over the next two years.

We acknowledge individual notable successes; students who have achieved the highest overall scores for attainment and a string of top grades in examinations where the demand and level of challenge has been significantly greater than in previous years. These students have worked exceptionally hard and these outcome are very well-deserved.

The following students achieved an average attainment 8 grade of 8.1 or above: Jacob Syndercombe, Jana Weyand, Frances Kennedy, Katie Smullen, Lottie Dahlen, Lili Azzoppard, Aoife McMahon, Kanoa Sato-Smith, Sofia Consuegra, Ella Evans and Georgina Roche.

In addition, particular mention goes to the following students who have achieved exceptional progress over the last two years at Anglo. These students arguably worked the hardest, strived beyond expectation and many overcame numerous challenges along the way to exceed the aspirational targets set for them. We are particularly proud of these students.

The following students achieved a progress 8 score of 1.8 or above (2 grades or more on average than expected): Raphael Frach, Lottie Coulson, Edinam Sunu, Alexis Eaton, Katie Sills, Flo Cameron, Chelsea Semuguruka, Rhianna Owens-Gee, Katie Smullen and Capucine Pochet.

Jody Gee, Co-Headteacher said,

These are exceptional results and the best results ever achieved by this school at GCSE, where standards have always been high, support is rigorous and care and well-being is paramount. We are always setting aspirational goals for all our students and the breadth and depth of their curriculum, the inclusion of two languages, arts, technology, humanities and sport in addition to English, Mathematics and Science means that these students are now very well equipped, both in their academic and personal development, to pursue their chosen future pathways with confidence. We are very proud of them all and very grateful to our exceptional staff and their Year leader, Miss Whitlock, who have all worked tirelessly and with such dedication to ensure they have a very special and memorable day today.

A Level Results

A level results were published today, and a steady stream of students arrived at school to open their brown envelopes, with staff on hand to share the celebrations and offer advice and support where necessary. It is an important moment for all concerned. We would like to, first of all, offer our thanks for the hard work put into this process over the past two years by all concerned, and also to offer our congratulations as our results show continued increases on last year. Viewed alongside the IB Diploma results published in early July, it is clear why our Sixth Form is considered outstanding and well above average both nationally and internationally.

In conjunction with other local schools, we have declined to provide raw percentage results to the local press, preferring to concentrate on the great features of the quality of education on offer in our schools and the impressive stories behind some of the individual achievements where that is appropriate.

A levels have undergone significant change in recent years, such that they do not easily bear comparison with previous years. To do so, also undermines the achievements of the current generation of students. We are also well aware that all the data we have received today is provisional and still subject to challenge. Indeed, we are currently in touch with three examination boards where we still have unresolved queries. Validated results for all schools will be published by the Department for Education in the next few months.
Early indications suggest that we have increased the pass rate and the number of higher grades, boys have performed almost as well as girls, with as many boys as girls in our top 10 highest performers, and of the 26 subjects we offer in our Sixth Form at A Level, 24 have secured 100% pass rates. 12 of our top 15 highest performers studied 4 A levels and our average point score, using the data available, has increased by 9 points from 101.8 to 110.

Even more importantly, we continue to see a very high proportion of students who are being offered their first choice at university. Mr. Newton, our Assistant Head/Director of Sixth Form explains: “having made a number of phone calls to universities today, it is clear that the breadth of our offer including an expectation that students study 4 A levels, in addition to the opportunity to mix A levels with IB courses, the requirement to study a language and the challenge that our international Sixth Form offers in a general sense, is a telling factor and impresses universities”. In addition to UK universities and gap years, we also have significant numbers of students accepting places in universities as far afield as Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Finland and Spain.

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