French film director Said Bahij visited Anglo

The French film director Said Bahij visited Anglo to present his film “Ils l’ont fait” to our Lower and Upper 6th A Level French students. This was then followed by questions from the students.  The film and the follow-up discussion with Said was a great opportunity for students to discuss the issue of immigration in France, as well as comparing the life pictured in his film with the one presented in “La Haine”, which is the film studied by our students.

Community celebrates 175th station anniversary

Anglo were proud to help celebrate the 175th Anniversary of Ingatestone Station.  The station is vital to the success of the school as many of our students could not attend this school were it not for the trains bringing them to and from school.  Mr Barrs, Headteacher attended the event along with many other dignitaries from the local area.

Community celebrates 175th station anniversary

Sixth Form Charities CAS Group raise money for Marie Curie

The Sixth Form Charities CAS Group have been busy selling daffodils over the last couple of months for Marie Curie.  Representative Mike Johnstone from the Chelmsford Marie Curie centre visited the school to receive a cheque for £222.17.

“Daffodils are an important symbol for the school associated, as they are with Wales, our Eisteddfod inspired by the Welsh International Eisteddfod and a previous headteacher who was a proud Welshman, Bob Reed.  We are delighted to be able to support Marie Curie each year”

GCSE Geography students do fieldwork

As part of the fieldwork requirements for the GCSE Geography course, 30 Year 10 students visited Little Hyde Land Woods to determine whether this woodland offsets the carbon footprint of the school. By measuring the circumference and height of some of the trees, along with estimating tree density, we were able to calculate that the woodland stores over 26 million kilograms of carbon and as a result, it does offset the carbon footprint of the school.  However, he school continues to think about how it can reduce its footprint.

There were a number of opportunities to think critically about the methods chosen which may have affected the accuracy of the results and validity of the conclusions. It is this thought process that will be vital for the students in  their fieldwork examination next summer. The Geography Department are now looking forward to taking the other Year 10 geographers to Juniper Hall in October. We are hopeful that the weather will be as nice then as it was for this woodland investigation!

Student reaches the next round of the BBC 500 Words Competition

A huge congratulations to Isabella Marques Pires in 7C for successfully reaching the next round of the BBC 500 Words Competition. Only 5000 entries reach this second stage of judging from the entire country and we are incredibly proud of Isabella’s success! Her story, titled ‘More Than People’, personifies the four elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – presenting them as the only answer to save the world. We are eagerly awaiting response this month to find out if Isabella has been successful in making it to the next round, which will be whittled down to a Final 50.

Students from Hilpotstein, Bavaria visit the Anglo

A group of 16 pupils and teachers from Hilpotstein in Bavaria visited the school.  The nearby town of Roth bei Nürnberg (10km from Hilpoltstein) is twinned with Brentwood. They were welcomed by the Headteacher who gave them a brief outline of the education system in the UK and a history of the school.  This was followed by a tour of the school with Sixth Formers and then they spent some time with English students in their Citizenship, Drama and German lessons.

Career speed-dating gives students an insight into work opportunities

We held our annual Career Speed Dating event for our L6th students.

This forms part of the careers guidance and education programme we deliver to the sixth form and gives our students a unique opportunity to access information on a wide range of careers – banking, law, engineering, town planning, foreign & commonwealth office, nursing – to name a handful. We had 26 professionals in attendance who chatted about their profession and career path for a few minutes to a small group of students. At this point a whistle was blown and the students could sign up to “meet again” their professional before moving on to the next table to hear about a different career. A recent survey by the NCS found that 33% of teenagers expect to follow the same career as their parents because this is what they are familiar with. This event enabled our students to hear about unfamiliar professions and ones that they may not have initially chosen. After 45 minutes of rotating around the desks students were given the opportunity to sit with professionals of their choice for the final 15 minutes.

Students commented – “It made me think differently about getting a job in the future.”

“It has made me want to do well at school.” “I am more aware of my choices.”

“It made me aware of the ways to get into the job I want.”

Our professionals were extremely impressed with the interest, politeness and enthusiasm demonstrated by our L6th cohort and we are now arranging for further specific “career dates” for those students who wanted to “meet again” with professionals during the summer term.

Representatives from UNHCR visit the Sixth Form

Over the past year, the Sixth Form Refugee CAS group have been in contact with the London Office of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), following an inspirational trip to the UN Office in Geneva that many students participated in last Summer. The CAS group started off last September collecting clothes donations from students and parents from the school community to be sent to displaced refugees around the Pas-de-Calais region, but has since taken an international focus. Since January, they have been raising money through cake sales and quizzes for those fleeing war and persecution. Scarlett Pochet, a member of the CAS Group said “We are extremely lucky to have received support from Shazia Hassam and James Bulman from UNHCR, who have not only provided resources but have also taken time to travel to Anglo to speak to the Sixth Form – we are extremely grateful for all of their help! As the term comes to a close, we are looking forward to hosting an overnight Camp-Out for our cause.

Congratulations to our winners of the Annual History Essay Competition

In partnership with the Ingatestone and Fryerning Historical and Archaeological Society we held our annual History essay competition presentation at the Parish Hall Ingatestone. The winner was Amber Kirwan (U6) with her essay, “How Were Visual Art And Literature Used To Control The People In Stalinist Russia (1928-1953)?” and the two runners-up were Gareth Ball (L6) with his essay “Economic factors were the key reason for the breakdown in relations between the allies between 1943-1949.’ How far do you agree with this statement?” and Kier May (U6) with this essay “To what extent were Elizabeth’s later years an unmitigated disaster?”. Each student gave a presentation about their essay and the context within which the work was written; they then fielded questions from the audience. The night was a huge success with a range of interesting and thought-provoking discussions taking place. The members of the society were very supportive and remarked on how academic and articulate the students were about their essays. We continue to be very grateful for this link with the community over our shared interest in the past. We look forward with excitement to the competition next year. This will be a hard act to follow!

Drewe Broughton delivers final Community Lecture of the academic year

Drewe Broughton delivered the final Community Lecture of the academic year with an inspiring story about his life as a professional sportsman, the challenges he faced and how he has used those experiences to benefit others both in sport and in the wider business world.  Drewe considered how emotional health, goal setting self-awareness contribute to pressuring well at the top of both sport and business.

The lecture programme has been a great success with the lectures being attended by student, staff, parents and local residents alike.  Details of ‘season two’ will be available shortly but do register your interest if you would like to receive details directly.

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