The Great Get Together Picnic 2019

The Jo Cox Foundation, which was set up to honour the memory of the MP Jo Cox, who was murdered three years ago, once again organised  The Great Get Together.  We decided to celebrate this by organising A Big Picnic during both lower school and upper school lunchtimes.  This is not a one off, it is part of our calendar and a very important part of it too!  This was an opportunity for the Anglo Family to come together and students were encouraged to not only take part but also to meet people who they had never met before.  The students enjoyed dancing and listening to the music whilst eating their picnic.  A big thank you to our sandwich suppliers, Raynors for contributing to this event.

As Jo Cox, said “There is more that unites us than divides us”, and we believe these sentiments resonate with the ethos of the Anglo. One of our key aims is to ensure that young people are confident in their own cultures and confident about moving between cultures. Our mission statement, inspired by the International Baccalaureate Organisation, calls on us to develop young people who are principled but also open-minded and balanced and that they come to understand that “other people, with their differences, might be right”. This encourages tolerance but also develops an understanding which enables young people to challenge that which they disagree with.

Globex 2019

Our visits programme this year was a great success visiting places such as Japan, France (Avignon, Dinan), Spain (Granada, Jerez, Madrid), Italy (Saronno) and Germany (Wiesbaden). All part of the unique Anglo experience! Those students who remained behind took part in our annual Globex programme.  

Year 8 spent a week covering topics ranging from forensics, designing a peace park and dealing with issues around conflict and peace.  They also looked at some notable Nobel prize winners such as Bob Dylan.  For parents, friends or relatives of students in Year 8, ask them who Neruda was!

Year 9  focused on Japan, taking part in an international quiz and even designed their own country!  Origami, climate change, current affairs, Maths in the Real World, navigation and Soroban also featured.  If you have a child in Year 9 ask them what the session on Danish Hearts was all about!

Anglo takes part in the Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Awards

On Wednesday evening staff and students from the Anglo European School took part in the Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Awards for Brentwood Schools and Clubs. The event took place at the Towngate Theatre in Basildon where a full house of friends, family and event organisers came together to recognise the positive contribution that young people and their leaders have made to their communities. This year the leader award from the Anglo European School was presented to Claire Penn for her outstanding contribution to the visits programme; we estimate that she has contributed to over 7000 student experiences.

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