GCSE Results

Another generation of Anglo students opened their envelopes at school today to discover what they had achieved at GCSE.  Staff were on hand to congratulate them and share their delight as well as support those who needed it.

Jody Gee, co-headteacher said “There are many wonderful individual stories in this set of results.  We are really proud of their achievements and look forward to working with them for another two years in our Sixth Form.   For those who will tread pastures new, we wish them every success but we are on hand to advise any of our students about their next steps”

A quarter of the grades awarded to the students were 7,8 or 9 which are the highest available. Nationally the figure is 21%.  The progress made by all students was positive.  Co-headteacher , David Barrs explained  “This means our students  met or exceeded the very challenging targets the school set which is something we are particularly proud of given that all students follow  a very broad curriculum including languages, humanities, Citizenship and the arts – an average of 10 GCSEs per student with a pass rate of  83%”.  The national average pass rate is currently 67%

Deputy Headteacher, Mike Seager, added, “With these more difficult GCSEs it is a credit to our students and staff that we continue to perform well at this level”

A particular highlight was languages in terms of the numbers entered and the grades achieved, maintaining the school’s position as a centre of excellence.

Whilst the results are yet to be verified, the indications are very encouraging.

Sixth Form Results

Congratulations to our Sixth Formers who have achieved, once again, some exceptional results.

The school recently celebrated some world class achievements with the publication of our International Baccalaureate Diploma results.  Having pioneered the programme in the state sector in 1977, the school has consistently performed above world averages.  This year the average point score globally was 29 (out of a maximum of 45) and the average at the Anglo was 34.  Our students have already secured their university or apprenticeship places and their summer holiday began in earnest in early July.

Co-headteacher, David Barrs, commented “The IB sets this school apart in the UK state sector.  It is recognised as a broad, challenging, internationally-minded qualification.  Its philosophy influences much of what we do here at the Anglo and we are delighted that another generation of IB graduates can move confidently on to the next stage of their lives”.

Today we congratulate our A level cohort who have secured impressive results with over a quarter of all grades awarded being at A* or A grade. The average point score per student has also increased and this includes a number of students who take four A levels in line with our strong commitment to a broad curriculum. 

This breadth also includes BTEC and Institute for Financial Studies courses, the latter returning a 100% pass rate.  It also includes the IB Career Programme which the school has also pioneered, being the first school to offer it in 2010.  

Co-headteacher, Jody Gee, commented, “We are extremely proud of what our students have achieved which is testament to their ambition, hard work and the commitment of our dedicated staff. Students are now considering their options which include university and apprenticeships.  Four students have already secured places at Oxbridge.  We wish all of our students every success for their future studies”.

Over three quarters of the sixth form students have already secured their university courses and they can now look forward to starting their undergraduate studies at the university of their choice.  Over the coming days, we expect this proportion to increase significantly as universities confirm places for our outstanding candidates. These offers include successful Oxbridge candidates, such as a student reading Mathematics at Oxford having gained four A* grades at A level and another student studying Medicine at the new ARU Medical School in Chelmsford having gained A* & A grades. They also include a student reading Liberal Arts in the USA having gained 37 points on the IB and another reading Japanese at Leeds University having gained an outstanding A level and BTEC grades.  Once again, our students have been successful in their applications nationally and internationally in a broad range of courses that reflect the aims of the school.

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