Year 8 participate in annual drugs awareness day

Year 8 participated in our annual drugs awareness day.  The programme is organised by the Citizenship Department as part of the school’s commitment to ensuring our pupils are equipped with the knowledge and skills to stay safe.  All pupils completed three workshops on legal highs, the law on drugs and the effect of drugs on the body.  Both legal and illegal substances were considered.

The workshops concluded with a presentation from Russell Symons from Impressionable Minds, an award winning education organisation working to educate young people on matters related to crime.  Russell shared his own very powerful testimony of how drugs impacted on his life and the ripple effect across families and society.  Russell was hard-hitting, honest but at the same time left pupils with a message of hope.  Russell’s story concluded the workshops incredibly well.

AES Lesotho group reconvened for the premiere of their film

The AES Lesotho 2019 group reconvened last night for the premiere of the film.  Sit back and enjoy – fun, emotion, and serious commentary.  Thank you Chester Tribley, inspirational.

Year 11 students organise Hello Yellow Day to raise awareness for positive mental health

The Anglo was brimming with sunshine yellow as Year 11 students organised Hello Yellow Day to raise awareness for positive mental health amongst young people on Mental Health Day and to raise money for MIND. This follows on from our “It’s ok not to be ok” campaign. We are encouraging students to talk about their own mental health and to review how their lifestyles can support them to improve their health and well-being. We will be talking abut the importance of regular exercise, sleep, giving to others altruistically and talking to someone if you are struggling and need some support. We are working to remove the stigma, to let students know it is brave and a positive step to admit you are struggling and ask for help. We are encouraging our students to look out for their friends and to look out for the signs of struggle: cancelling plans, poor attendance, sounding down, becoming easily tearful or sudden changes in behaviour.

We have staff who are now mental health first aid trained, we are implementing lessons on managing stress, anxiety and workload, we are giving student ideas about how they can connect with other people more effectively and join groups where they can learn new skills and gain a sense of belonging.

The world is sunny and yellow at Anglo today, but we know this is not the case for all our students and staff. It’s ok not to be ok.

Mr Carstairs, Year 9 Year Leader said: “Our first Hello Yellow day at Anglo has seen a variety of ways to express awareness and support for World Mental Health Day 2019.

Students and staff (some very dodgy socks and ties, and even a teacher dressed as a banana!) have adorned yellow accessories and decorated the school to let us all know that we are not alone with our mental health and wellbeing. The feeling created by this camaraderie emanates into our everyday school-life, where our pupils and staff continue to show that they really care.”

AMA students spent the day learning about MENSA

Some of our AMA students have been looking at the theory of knowledge and the truth today. They spent the day learning about MENSA, conformity and ethics, plate tectonics, how we are shaped by language and debating the issue of whether the age of criminal responsibility should be raised to 12.  All students thoroughly enjoyed their day.   Thank  you to all the staff involved.

Teachers travel to Wiesbaden to celebrate Gymnasium am Mosbacher Berg’s 50th anniversary

Mrs Peeters and Mrs Porsz travelled to Wiesbaden to celebrate our partner school’s 50th Birthday. We have worked with Gymnasium am Mosbacher Berg for more than 35 years, and Mrs Porsz even met one teacher who had travelled to Ingatestone in the 90s and who fondly remembered Mr Barrs. Each class at the school had prepared a project for the celebrations and highlights included a fashion show of youth fashions from the last 50 years, working robots made by pupils out of Lego and an amazing Mathothek classroom filled to the brim with mathematical models and games.

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