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7 Curie win mixed football tournament at Peace One Day event

The mixed football tournament was held at lunchtime on Friday 20th September by two Year 9 boys for their Peace One Day event.  Peace One Day is a day of global peace and cease-fire.  The idea of the football match was to represent when the German army and English army played a football match of cease-fire during World War 1.

All of the forms are very good rivals in year 7.  On Peace One Day Lewis and Charlie made a friendly competition to represent cease-fire.

All the forms from Year 7 had 6 or 7 girls and boys in their team and participated. 

After the Semi-final 7T and 7C played in the final match.  The score was 1-1 at full time, so they had penalties to decide the winning team.  The winning goal was from Fabio Harris in 7C.

Well done to all the forms for participating and being so supportive on the sidelines.  It was a lot of fun and everyone loved it.

7 Curie won the tournament, so well done 7 Curie!

Thank you to Lewis and Charlie both in Year 9 for arranging the Peace One Day football tournament for year 7.

Reported by Aaran Bhambra 7E

Match Photography by Rhianna Owens-Gee 7T