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A Very Musical Monday!

Once again, the school was visited by two Youth Music ambassadors from the New YVC choir. This long running partnership has enabled Anglo singers to learn new repertoire and vocal techniques, all taught with great enthusiasm and energy. Last year, Anglo singers joined with seven other schools and a professional band to perform at the Stratford Arts Circus. This year’s project is even bigger – a July performance at the Royal Festival Hall with singers from thirteen other schools and VIP guest musicians and choirs. Anglo singers are definitely looking forward to this amazing opportunity and I am sure they would appreciate your support by attending this concert.

Tickets for the event are available through the following link. Tickets are usually £5 but your discount code is SCUNITE for £2 tickets!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Also, Y10 GCSE Music students and students receiving drum lessons were given the opportunity to attend a workshop given by two former members of Stomp.

Dave and Nas, who had toured all over the world with the Stomp group for many years, taught the Anglo students how to explore beats and rhythms using body percussion and day-to-day objects. This was mixed with a variety of movements which proved a real challenge for many! As always, our students rose to the challenge and the musical outcomes sounded fantastic as well as really helping performance and listening skills. A really fun and engaging day.