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A very unique day at Anglo for 40 Year 8 students

Wednesday, December 7th was a very unique day at Anglo for 40 extremely keen and conscientious Year 8 students. Funded and hosted by ‘The Smallpeice Trust’ ( we ran our first Smart Building STEM Day.(Science Technology Engineering and Maths). Eight teams of 5 students were set a task to enhance their understanding of, and aptitude for, problem solving, creativity, design and engineering. They had to build a watertight water-collection and filtration system that could be used to water the plants in a new eco design building. They also had to assemble and solder the components of an electronic water detection and pump system to empty the unit when filled to a certain level. The winning team were selected based on product performance, team work, aesthetics, cost and marketing. It was an exciting, challenging and enormously fun day throughout which our students worked cohesively with diligence and determination representing our school in the best possible light.

Furthermore eight students, of which six were girls, that individually showed an aptitude for and evidence of a list of qualities outlined by the trust were chosen to spend two full days at Essex university engaging with many other students from across the country in more STEM activities.

Extremely well done to all the students who entered the competition to attend this fantastic day.