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Achievement for All

In September, Anglo European School will be working in partnership with this not-for-profit organisation to improve the outcomes for all students vulnerable to underachievement, regardless of background, challenge or need, including those with SEND, eligible for Free School Meals and Children who are looked after in care.

This is a whole school improvement framework, recognised by the DfE, tailored to meet the needs of our school population and has a proven track record of outstanding results. We will be supported by a School Champion, and an Achievement Coach who will forge a strong partnership with the school and will support the school to work towards an Achievement for All Quality Award over the next two years.

Together we will work towards an “I can” attitude to learning; building the grit and resilience that creates perseverance in the face of a significant challenge, supporting learning, building ambition and aspirational behaviours. The programme recognises that Anglo is relentless in its high expectations, rigorous in our pedagogy and critical in our evaluations of our own practice. Now, more than ever, we do not want to be complacent, but wish to strive to make the education at Anglo European world class. We continue to be passionate about improving the lives and opportunities for the young people in our care and we know that all students are feeling a little less confident, a little more vulnerable and anxious about the year ahead and we want to have robust systems in place to build resilience, instil confidence and support vulnerabilities.

The programme enhances four interrelated elements: Leadership, Teaching and Learning, Wider Opportunities and Outcomes and Parent and Carer engagement in our aim to raise aspiration and achievement, removing barriers to success, developing constructive and supportive relationships between the school, home and our students.

The Well-Being programme will also coach and support teachers to promote a culture where levels of emotional well-being are raised; we have access to professional coaching and development which enables us to support students, promote kindness, support mental health, celebrate diversity, creativity and problem-solving in an emotionally intelligent manner. 

This year, we are acutely aware of the responsibility we hold for bridging gaps, addressing mental health, supporting students with challenging behaviour and achieving these through evidence based, research supported methods alongside the embedded kindness, patience and friendship we have come to expect from our Anglo Family.

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