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Anglo European hold their own Mock Election!

On Thursday 7th May 2015, students took part in a mock election. The results reflect the schools wide diversity of views which have hopefully been debated among students as well as staff over the last few days. Apart from four Year 7 forms away on foreign visits, every single form participated in the voting procedure, giving Anglo European a 100% turnout rate which is an achievement itself. The results were as follows :


Labour – 330 votes = 32%

Conservative – 288 votes = 28%

Green Party – 205 votes = 20%

UKIP – 117 votes = 12%

Liberal Democrats – 73 votes = 7%

Spoilt Ballot Papers – 8 votes = 1%


A big thank you to everyone involved, especially AS Politics group, Mrs Brown, Mr Newton and numerous volunteers.

Representing the political parties from the lower sixth were Liberal Democrats – Fenn Van den Brande, Ben Campbell, Sonam Tobgyal, Labour – Sulaiman Kazi, Izzy Dogliani, Holly McSpadden, Conservatives – Jaymey McIvor, Hannah Phillips, UKIP – George Cobb, Nick Pearce, Green – Tom Cannon, Luke Waites, Louis Stevens.