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Anglo host Japanese students from the Hiratsuka secondary school

We had the pleasure of hosting a group of 20 Japanese students from the Hiratsuka secondary school in Tokyo. They came to the UK as part of a cultural and educational exchange, to learn English and to experience British culture. We have hosted Japanese students before for single day visits, but this was the first time the visit was a full week. During their stay, they traveled to various cultural and historical destinations, but the highlight for us was their integration experience, where they joined in with Year 8, 9, 10 and Sixth Form students. The Hiratsuka students came prepared with presentations to share with us about Japanese culture, their school, and their local area. They joined in our Sixth Form International Day and also lent a hand with Japanese speaking activities with the Year 10 Japanese GCSE students. The Hiratsuka students all commented on the warmth and friendliness from our school community and in turn were a delight to have. We enjoyed a ceremony of friendship to mark the beginning of a new relationship with their school, and we look forward to continued visits from them in the future.