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Anglo say farewell to students from Germany after their two month exchange

We said farewell to students and teachers from Goethe Gymnasium in Frankfurt, with whom we have been partners with since 1977!  The students have spent 8 weeks in England improving their language skills.  One of the students said “All 12 of us want to thank you (Headteachers) and this school for this great opportunity to experience and adapt to the English culture.  We are all very grateful for having enjoyed this once in a lifetime two month stay in England.  This will help us in the future and we hope that this exchange of German and British culture and appreciation will continue in the future.”  Mr Barrs said “It is always a pleasure to congratulate the students at the end of their two month stay and it was interesting to hear from the Headteacher of Goethe Gymnasium that they would soon be celebrating their 500th anniversary in 2020”.