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Anglo Students Cash in on Apprentice Opportunities 

Five of our Upper Sixth students learnt about the world of finance and insurance and job opportunities at a special event held on Friday, 9th November.

They attended an ‘insight day’ and were given a tour of the iconic Lloyd’s of London building and heard from apprentices and graduates currently working in the market on their personal experiences and getting a job and working in the insurance sector.

The event was hosted by the London Market Group and SCOR on behalf of the London insurance market, in conjunction with the Essex County Council Apprenticeship Hub. Our students attended along with students from Brentwood County High, Sweyne Park, Bromfords Billericay, King John, Beauchamps, Becket Keys and Shenfield.

Students were able to gain an insight in to the Insurance Market and the range of roles available and the work the London Insurance market does, far beyond car and holiday insurance. They were given the opportunity to play the “Discover Risk” game and consider some of the decisions Brokers, Underwriters and Claims Technicians have to consider. Attendees were able to network with those currently working in the Market and given the opportunity to ask questions. The students also had a tour of Lloyds of London, which was bustling due to the Remembrance Service earlier on in the day, giving them a sense of the vibrant environment they could be working in.

There was really positive feedback from our students who attended – “the visit was very informative and interesting as you got to see what working in insurance, and in the city was really like first hand. I learnt about the various roles you can have in insurance such as underwriting, claims, wording etc.”

“It was also beneficial hearing from people that actually are currently doing the jobs we heard about and how they got into them, as it gives me an idea of how to get into these types of industries.”

“We played a risk management game which was a good insight to how risk management is handled.”

“I think that for students who aren’t sure whether they want to take an apprenticeship or go to university will find a trip like this one beneficial, as it shows you what type of alternative courses you can take and how to get into a career like insurance straight from Sixth Form or when you finish University.”

Our AES group did us proud with the organisers (Essex Apprenticeship hub) commenting “what lovely polite students you have at Anglo”. All five of the students were a credit to the school, they were all really engaged and demonstrated great teamwork skills. They left a really positive impression with the staff working in the syndicates.