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Another successful Enterprise Day led by lower sixth IBC students

We have once again held our Enterprise Days involving both year 9 and Lower Sixth students.

Our Enterprise curriculum is delivered through our Citizenship lessons across the school and each year group participates in activities related to economic well being and financial capability, threaded through the wider aims of becoming responsible, proactive global citizens.

To this end, our year 9 students have participated this week in an Enterprise Day organised and delivered by our lower sixth IBC students as part of their Approaches to Learning module which focuses on transferable work and life skills. The IBC course emphasizes critical and ethical thinking, intercultural understanding and the ability to communicate effectively – all skills that our lower sixth students had to adopt for this project.

The year 9 task for the day was to create an ethical café / shop and produce and present a business plan for it, including a budget & marketing strategy. The students were very fortunate in having some “experts” on hand to assist them in the task – namely representatives from Lloyds Bank, an Independent Food Retailer Dan Hull Foods and the Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society. These experts presented some key ideas on budgeting, marketing and corporate social responsibility to the students and were then on hand throughout the morning for students to “drop in” for more specific advice and guidance. In the afternoon each group presented their creations to our expert panel who judged them and awarded prizes.

L6th IBC students:

“As part of the IBC programme we have the opportunity to run the Enterprise Day here at the Anglo. This day helps us develop skills such as time management, organisation, teamwork and event management.”

“We were able to discover skills we didn’t know we had, and were able to give back to the school.”

Year 9 student Emmie Bowlt:

“This event has been really challenging but this helps you for the future.  It has been really good learning from the professionals, seeing how they do it and applying it to ourselves.”

This statement is from the professionals – Vanessa Howard, Marketing Director of Chelmsford Star Co-op – Trust partners, Steve Wynne, Lloyds Bank (our school bank manager. We are participating in their school to work programme) and Dan Hull & Paul Beaney – Dan Hull Foods (local food entrepreneur)…

“It’s important to us as local businesses to support the community and the Enterprise Day gives us that opportunity. It’s wonderful to hear the students’ uninhibited ideas and then to take that creativity and help them craft it into a viable business opportunity is extremely rewarding. The students seem to enjoy the experience and they gain some valuable lessons in business over the course of the day.”

Fiona Bell – Enterprise Education Coordinator for AES – “These days are a unique multi faceted opportunity for both our year 9 and L6th IBC students. For Year 9 they experience being entrepreneurs considering the ethical, social and moral responsibilities of opening a business, developing their financial awareness, creativity, teamwork and presentation skills. For the L6th students they are organising a corporate event for the first time and have all of the responsibilities that this entails – business meetings with the experts prior to and after the event, coordinating resources, venues, students as well as themselves. They can see how their soft skills improve and develop between the 1st and 2nd days, receive expert feedback and start networking with professionals.”

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