Outstanding GCSE Results For Anglo European

Congratulations to the class of 2021!

Anglo European GCSE students are celebrating today as another year of outstanding results have been achieved. We celebrate and applaud these outcomes, particularly recognising the huge disruption to their education over the last two years as a result of the pandemic. This year group has been steadfast, embracing the blended learning experience and working collaboratively with teachers and professional support staff to navigate unchartered academic waters successfully, studying conscientiously during an international pandemic. They showed huge resilience and developed independent learning skills which will have prepared them well for their next stage of learning.

Miss Jones, Year Leader said “ I am incredibly proud of this year group. They have worked so hard under challenging circumstances and thoroughly deserve their fantastic results. They have been an amazing cohort to work with and I have always been impressed with their resilience and determination to succeed. I wish them all every success in the next step of their education.”

Notable achievers were Capucine Caudrelier with 12 Grade 9s, Archie Pummell with 9 grade 9s and 1 grade 8, Yan Morris, with 7 grade 9s and 2 grade 8s, Oliver Cvetkovic with 5 grade 9s and 3 grade 8s, Hector Muir with 5 grade 9s and 4 grade 8s, Jannik Weyand with 3 grade 9s and 7 grade 8s, Elijah Mead-Tomlinson with 3 Grade 9s and 6 grade 8s and Pranav Ramanathan with 5 grade 9s and 2 grade 8s.

Capucine Caudrelier, whose incredible achievement of 12 Grade 9s, including three languages said, “I am very pleased with my results and feel proud that the last few years of hard work have paid off. I am very grateful to all my teachers who encouraged me and helped me achieve my highest targets.”

Archie Pummell, Yan Morris, Hector Muir, Elijah Mad-Tomlinson, were all part of the first cohort of the Mandarin Excellence Programme. These students have achieved fluency in Mandarin, outstanding GCSEs and HSK qualifications in Chinese Mandarin as part of this intensive programme of study also managed to scoop a clutch of exceptional GCSEs. Archie Pummell said, “Like everyone, I have found the last two years a real challenge. I am delighted to have achieved the results I have gained.”

Jannik Weyand added, “After a testing two years, I am elated to have exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t be here without the Anglo European School and the amazing support from my teachers during harsh lockdowns and stressful catch up periods.”

Elijah Mead-Tomlinson echoed these sentiments, “I am really happy with my results especially after working hard through a strange and challenging year.”

We are always especially proud of those who exceed the expectations of the progress data generated from KS2 achievements and excel beyond such predications as a result of their dedication to their Anglo education. These achievements are often the result of considerable hard work, overcoming personal adversity and showing additional commitment to their studies. This year, GCSE progress scores were exceptional for Isra Gorgulu, Malachi Mugo, Emilie Guilloux, Jaina Vyas, Lukas Mulcahy, Daisy Taylor and Luis Calle Hunscher, Aleksandra Kolesnik, Jemimah May and John Porter. Anglo is particularly proud of your success.

Pranav Ramanathan spoke about the unique circumstances some students had faced, “I was extremely pleased to receive my results this morning. I joined the Anglo in Year 10 at a very critical juncture and was quite sceptical about how things would pan out. But I must say it has been a truly delightful and seamless experience for me. I am indebted to the wonderful teachers and staff at Anglo for their amazing support and guidance which has made this possible.”

This is an outstanding set of results for our students and they should be incredibly proud of their achievements. Our GCSE results reflect a colossal commitment from our students, the expertise and dedicated support from their teachers under hugely challenging circumstances this year and the notable support and encouragement from our wonderful parents, in a year where home schooling and support contributed in an unprecedented fashion!

What is equally impressive is that these results have been achieved across the extensive range of GCSE subjects that we offer, across a broad, challenging and balanced curriculum. This notably includes, for the vast majority of students, two languages from the 8 on offer which, as languages entries continue to fall, most notably in German, means our students will stand out in the global economic market as highly employable with competitive skills.

Six students achieved the impressive accolade of being triple linguists; Jemimah May (French, German, Italian), Lucas Schulze Casademunt (French, German and Spanish), Alessandro Morello (German, Italian and Spanish) Capucine Caudrelier (French, German and Italian), Sibel Ercan (French, German and Spanish) and Alexandra Kostic (French, Spanish and Russian).

This year, exam boards have awarded grades that were submitted by the school, determined by teachers, based on rigorous assessments which have been marked against exam board criteria, moderated and standardised by staff, based on a range of evidence including assessments conducted under examination conditions. The school followed the guidance strictly and we are thrilled that the examination board agreed with every one of our grades during their external moderation. We are forever grateful for the extraordinary lengths our staff have gone to, in order to ensure this process was fair, transparent and thorough and recognise the huge additional workload this created. Staff completed this with unrelenting commitment and unwavering support for this year group, for whom they have such affection and respect, to ensure they received accurate grades reflective of their achievements this year.

Jody Gee, Headteacher said: “We are particularly proud of this year group; they have overcome the most challenging barriers to learning and personal adversity to gain results they should be justly proud of. These days make the teaching profession the most rewarding job in the world; to see students who have struggled, battled and strived to achieve their best, exceed even their own expectations is such a joy for teachers to witness.  Throughout the pandemic, they kept us smiling with their infectious positivity, sense of humour and care and kindness to towards each other. We are so thrilled they have been awarded results which reflect their hard work, resilience and tenacity under such challenging circumstances and we look forward to seeing them progress to the Sixth Form, college or apprenticeships next year and watching them go on to achieve even greater things. Well done, Class of 2021!”

Students take part in an Arabic Live Event

Some of our L6th and Year 9 students took part in an Arabic Live Event organised by the British Council, in partnership with the Qatar Foundation International. Students listened to an Introduction to Arabic language and cultures and watched a live performance and conversation by Syrian American hip-hop artist Omar Offendum. Now living in Los Angeles, California, Omar is also a designer, poet and peace activist whose work blends Arabic and English words and rhythms. The event also included Zaina Erhaim, a Syrian journalist who reported on the conflict in Syria. She is currently a refugee in the UK and the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR)’s Communications Manager. Zaina spoke about her life in Syria before and during the war and as a refugee.

Politics student appears on Radio 5 live

U6 Politics student, Anna Hatwell, ‘appeared’ on Radio 5 live with Adrian Chiles on his Question Time Extra Time show alongside Matthew Taylor former political strategist and current Chief Executive of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts; Cindy Yu Broadcast Editor at the Spectator; and Ebac founder John Elliot. She expressed some views on some of the key issues of the day. Listen to the show on http://ow.ly/m56f50Cs8w0

Question Time Extra Time – 19/11/2020 – BBC SoundsYour take on the BBC’s biggest political debate with Adrian Chiles and special guests.ow.ly

Well done Anna! #BBCRadio5 #AngloFamily #Politics BBC Radio 5 live

Community Lecture with Sir Richard Jolly

Please feel free to watch our Community Lecture with Sir Richard Jolly. This was made in recognition of the 75th anniversary of the UN. #AngloFamily #CommunityLecture #UN https://youtu.be/G0tdwujw3XY

We also celebrated this special anniversary by rededicating ourselves to the UN Charter by reading the Preamble to the Charter and raising the UN flag, in common with many other communities around the world. 

Students take part in an inaugural virtual debate

Anglo Sixth Form students took part in another first for the school with an inaugural virtual debate between two teams of Sixth Formers. The topic was the potential reintroduction of the death penalty to the UK which saw some impassioned arguments on both sides being relayed to students in their Form rooms, followed by questions to the teams and a final vote. The motion was eventually defeated, but both sides articulated their points very well and certainly created a significant amount of discussion.

BBC Look East visits the Anglo

BBC Look East are, once again, at Anglo European to film our students returning to school. Our students have all adhered to our protection measures and we have really enjoyed seeing them back learning in the classroom today.

GCSE class of 2020 achieve outstanding results


We are genuinely proud of our class of 2020 and they have great cause to celebrate. Our teachers, who knew them well, looked at evidence in each subject, held departmental standardisation meetings to discuss each student and awarded the grades that they have received today. In a small number of cases, the statistical model used by Ofqual awarded them a higher grade and they will have received the higher of the two on their certificates today. This has been a rigorous process and the students have earned these grades with their hard work and dedication to their studies under very difficult circumstances. They will now be able to able to build on their success during post-16 careers.

They have shown commitment and a determination to achieve their potential throughout their time at the Anglo, embracing fully, the unique international experiences this school affords them and this has been rewarded, despite being denied the opportunity to sit a final exams this summer.

We look forward to regrouping and seeing them all together again in September, along with those students who will join our International Sixth Form from other schools. For those seeking pastures new, we wish them every success with their chosen pathways. Their distinctively broad and international education at Anglo has ensured they will be well-prepared for whatever the future holds and will serve them well.

As always, these grades are provisional and subject to appeal. Parents and students will also know from the national and local news that any BTEC grades are currently subject to review and will be confirmed next week. We have been assured they are not likely to change downwards.

We recognise this has been a volatile period of change, uncertainty and anxiety; our students have shown great courage, resilience and commitment to their learning throughout and we are very proud of their achievements today:

Freya Baumber (pictured) celebrates 10 grade 9s and 1 grade 8 today. She said she was “Very shocked and slightly overwhelmed.” She continues into Anglo’s International Sixth Form to pursue A levels in RS, English Literature, Politics and French.

Kai Jones is to be congratulated on achieving, 6 grade 9s, 4 grade 8s and a grade 7 this morning. He progresses into the Sixth Form at AES to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma, studying, English Literature, Mathematics Applications and Physics at Higher and Geography, Japanese and Art at Standard. He said, “I’m really happy; the A level downgrading worried me greatly but now I feel we have the results we would have achieved.”

Gloria Rusciani joins an elite group of triple linguistics leaving the Anglo this year, with top grade 9s in Italian, French and Spanish and two more 9s in English and English Literature. She said, “I am over the moon and really grateful that my hard work paid off after all the confusion and the prospect of down-grading last week. It’s such a relief!” Gloria is progressing to the International Sixth Form to study the AIB route, which combines A Levels with IB Standards from the International Baccalaureate suite. She will study: English Literature, Spanish, Sociology at A Level and IB Standards in History and Psychology.

Bradley Asumang achieved 6 grade 9s. 3 8s and 2 7s to gain a place at Brampton Manor to study 4 A levels in Economics, Maths, Further Maths and Sociology. Mathematics has always been his passion and two grade 9s in GCSE Mathematics and Further Mathematics means he is on course to continue his study of this subject at a higher level. He said, “I’m really pleased that my hard work in since Year 7 has been recognised.”

A-Level results day 2020

Many congratulations to our Upper Sixth Class of 2020! Despite all that the world has thrown at them this year, they have accepted the outcomes with grace, resilience, and a determination to make the most of the opportunities afforded them. They leave the Anglo European, along with their peers who received the International Baccalaureate qualifications last month, with qualifications to be proud of and a distinctive, international experience that will serve them well in the future and we wish them all every success in their chosen future pathways.

This year has been uniquely challenging; our students, having been awarded grades by the exam boards, based on information supplied by us, after a rigorous internal process. The exam boards have applied their own calculations, taking account of performance of subjects in previous years, to generate each individual student’s final grades. In many cases, the final awarded grade is less than the grade awarded by the school. None of the usual benchmark data or headline figures which lend themselves to comparisons between this year and other years, or between schools, have any validity this year.

As always, the results released today are provisional and subject to appeal. This is even more significant this year, given that the government announced on Tuesday evening that any student who achieved a higher grade in their ‘mock’ exam earlier in the year, what we call PPEs (Preliminary Public Examinations) could form the basis of an appeal, although details of this appeals process have yet to be released.

Despite all this, our students have genuine cause to celebrate. Not only have they secured grades they can be proud of, but they have done so in the most trying of circumstances. They have shown patience and resilience and, alongside the unique Anglo experience based on internationalism, are now well-equipped to move on to university or apprenticeships.

The IB Diploma students have had their results since 6th July and are going to a variety of institutions including nine Russell Group universities. Sebastian Grut was accepted into his first choice of the Technical University of Denmark to study Artificial Intelligence and Data and Amelia Jenkins been accepted at her first choice placement, at the Royal Veterinary College.

Financial Studies student, Anna Hedges has accepted a place to study Business Psychology at Loughborough University after her outstanding grades. Anna achieved particularly well in Financial Studies, with the LIBF commending her achievement earlier in the year. Harriet Taylor also achieved a Distinction.

Our A level students attained some stunning results and are really excited about their future prospects.

Ani Begaj (pictured) gained A*AAB and is studying Architecture at UCL; she said, “I’m both very happy and relieved. I’m going to pursue an excellent course which

combines my interests in Art, Physics and Mathematics at a well-respected university. It has been quite a roller coaster; being told I couldn’t sit the exams I’d worked so hard for, feeling resigned to not being able to do anything about it and then to hear the Scottish results and the government announcements on Tuesday evening…it was really frightening. Today I just feel relieved.

Marcel Afunyah gained two A*s in Mathematics and Chemistry and two As in Further Mathematics and Physics. He has been accepted at Warwick University to study Computer Systems Engineering and hopes to progress to conduct research in Astro Physics. When asked if he had planned his evening of celebrations, he replied, “No, Mam, I’m working the Night shift in ASDA” where he has been working during the lockdown period as well as teaching himself bass guitar and building a 3D printer!

Eden Ashby expressed her “massive relief” at gaining a place at Nottingham University to study Economics with French, having gained an A* in French, an A in Economics and an A in Psychology. She said, “I’ve always had a passion for languages and this was cemented on the two exchanges I did to Avignon and Dijon. I was fortunate to do international work experience in a primary school in Avignon in the Lower Sixth and really loved the language and culture.

Ivayla leaves on a flight tomorrow morning to The University of Montana on an Athletics Scholarship. She was very unhappy at not having the chance to complete her examinations and prove what she could really do but was much relieved to have

been accepted on such a 4-year prestigious course. She said, “I will really miss the Anglo; I would not be the person I am today without the experience and confidence it gave me.”

Lilli Azzoppard gained 3 As and is off to York to study Psychology. She said, “I’m really happy and thrilled to be studying a subject I love at York but this week, with all its uncertainty, has been very stressful indeed.

Achievement for All

In September, Anglo European School will be working in partnership with this not-for-profit organisation to improve the outcomes for all students vulnerable to underachievement, regardless of background, challenge or need, including those with SEND, eligible for Free School Meals and Children who are looked after in care.

This is a whole school improvement framework, recognised by the DfE, tailored to meet the needs of our school population and has a proven track record of outstanding results. We will be supported by a School Champion, and an Achievement Coach who will forge a strong partnership with the school and will support the school to work towards an Achievement for All Quality Award over the next two years.

Together we will work towards an “I can” attitude to learning; building the grit and resilience that creates perseverance in the face of a significant challenge, supporting learning, building ambition and aspirational behaviours. The programme recognises that Anglo is relentless in its high expectations, rigorous in our pedagogy and critical in our evaluations of our own practice. Now, more than ever, we do not want to be complacent, but wish to strive to make the education at Anglo European world class. We continue to be passionate about improving the lives and opportunities for the young people in our care and we know that all students are feeling a little less confident, a little more vulnerable and anxious about the year ahead and we want to have robust systems in place to build resilience, instil confidence and support vulnerabilities.

The programme enhances four interrelated elements: Leadership, Teaching and Learning, Wider Opportunities and Outcomes and Parent and Carer engagement in our aim to raise aspiration and achievement, removing barriers to success, developing constructive and supportive relationships between the school, home and our students.

The Well-Being programme will also coach and support teachers to promote a culture where levels of emotional well-being are raised; we have access to professional coaching and development which enables us to support students, promote kindness, support mental health, celebrate diversity, creativity and problem-solving in an emotionally intelligent manner. 

This year, we are acutely aware of the responsibility we hold for bridging gaps, addressing mental health, supporting students with challenging behaviour and achieving these through evidence based, research supported methods alongside the embedded kindness, patience and friendship we have come to expect from our Anglo Family.

IB Anglo students achieve 3 points above the worldwide average

We wish to congratulate all of our IB students on the results they have achieved this week. Our IB Diploma Students (DP) achieved an average score of 33 points, which is in line with previous cohorts and 3 points above the worldwide average of 29.9, and our maximum individual points score was 40 out of a possible 45. In May 2019 this would have placed these pupils in the top 10% worldwide. The vast majority have met or exceeded their university offers, and we will support any who narrowly missed. In the absence of examinations, these were based on a combination of coursework, predicted grades and historic school and subject data. We are not yet sure of the exact combination that was used to calculate these results and there will certainly be some appeals on individual results where pupils are close to the upper boundary. 

Our Career Programme (CP) students did well in their challenging Reflective Projects and completed a diverse service learning portfolio. Our IBCP Coordinator Ben Knights said: “This is a pleasing set of results which evidence the personal development made by our 2020 IBCP cohort. They leave the Anglo European Sixth Form with “work ready” competencies which, through their Service Learning and Language Development portfolios, showcase their sustained engagement. I am especially proud of the reflective projects undertaken by this group, as all students thoughtfully reflected upon an ethical dilemma within their career-related study, allowing them to demonstrate all IB Learner Profile characteristics. I wish them well for the future.” As a school we are quite unique in offering A levels in combination with single IB subjects and there were many positive individual results amongst this group, which will be combined with their A level results in August.

The Headteachers, David Barrs and Jody Gee said: “Results day is a stop-over on your journey which began two years ago and now takes you to the edge of the cliff and gives you wings to fly.  Whatever the circumstances, those results mean something but do not ever forget the IB Mission – to make the world a better place.  Despite missing school we have all learned so much from our experience of COVID 19 – the greatness and the fragility of our common humanity.  Don’t allow yourself to be defined by the global lockdown .  The world is ripe for change and you are well-placed, as part of a global network of IB graduates, to be the leaders of that change.”

Our IB Curriculum Manager Susannah Porsz said: “I am really proud of every one of our IB Students, they worked hard throughout the two years and the overall results are pleasing. Some pupils would have undoubtedly achieved a higher grade had they been able to take the examinations as planned, and these pupils have the option to retake in November 2020, as we are offering this session for the first time ever. The IB is about so much more than results and these students are well-rounded, global citizens who will no doubt be the leaders of the future. I wish them all every success, no matter what path they take.”