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Career Speed Dating for L6th students

Last term we held our annual Career Speed Dating event for our L6th students.

This forms part of the careers guidance and education programme we deliver to the sixth form and gives our students a unique opportunity to access information on a wide range of careers – banking, law, engineering, accountancy, acting, nursing – to name a handful. We had 30 professionals in attendance who chatted about their profession and career path for 7 minutes to a small group of students. At this point a whistle was blown and the students could sign up to “meet again” their professional before moving on to the next table to hear about a different career. A recent survey by the NCS found that 33% of teenagers expect to follow the same career as their parents because this is what they are familiar with. This event enabled our students to hear about unfamiliar professions and ones that they may not have initially chosen. After an hour of rotating round the desks students were given the opportunity to sit with professionals of their choice for the final 15 minutes.

Students commented – “It made me think differently about getting a job in the future.”

“It has made me want to do well at school.” “I am more aware of my choices.”

“It made me aware of the ways to get into the job I want.”

Our professionals were extremely impressed with the interest, politeness and enthusiasm demonstrated by our L6th cohort and have either arranged for further specific career information to be sent out to interested students or will be fixing another “career date” with us during the summer term.