Congratulations to the IB Class of 2021!

After a tough year of uncertainty and unusual pressures, the Anglo IB cohort of 2021 have achieved record-breaking results with a 100% pass rate. Our average Diploma points score is 36 which is 3 points above the global average. All of our IB Career-related (CP) Programme students have been awarded the Certificate.

More than a quarter of our Diploma candidates scored 40 points or more, and one student scored an incredible 44 points, which is truly outstanding. The IB issued allocations for Predicted Grades to help teachers to ensure that this year’s results were in line with previous years, offering the school the chance to appeal the allocation, where we had evidence to justify the change. Staff worked extensively in March and April to appeal the allocations where necessary, and to ensure a thorough quality assurance process was in place to provide evidence-based final Predicted Grades in line with the IB Organisation guidelines. The IB then assessed coursework for every student for every subject to ensure grades would be valued by Higher Education Institutions worldwide.

Headteacher, David Barrs said, “This is a remarkable set of results which the entire community can be justly proud, not least the students themselves. Along with the broad, enriched education they have received they now represent a generation of young people who are very well-placed to help our communities, locally and globally, to build back better after the challenges we have all faced over the last year or so. I wish them all every success.”

Susannah Porsz, IB Curriculum Manager said, “I could not be prouder of this cohort of students. The non-exam route poses particular challenges for students with the cancellation of examinations yet a need for evidence, and they did extremely well in March and April, despite having just come out of lockdown. Some elements of the Diploma were externally assessed as usual and the fact that all coursework has been marked by IB examiners only strengthens these results and makes them all the more impressive. The IB worked hard with schools, universities and Ofqual to ensure that these results would compare globally and locally with previous years, despite the unusual circumstances, and to ensure parity between the non-examination and the examination routes. We are elated with the outcomes that reflect the hard work of our students throughout the past two years.”

Mrs Gee, Headteacher concluded, “This is a truly world-class set of results and our IB students should be incredibly proud of their achievements in an unprecedented, challenging year. These results are reflective of their incredible resilience and determination to succeed, achieve their academic potential and reach some very impressive destinations including those who will take up their Russell Group and Oxbridge University offers. We’re grateful to the relentless support of our IB Leadership Team and our outstanding teachers, whose expertise and dedicated support both in school and remotely, during lockdown, has been hugely appreciated.

IB Anglo students achieve 3 points above the worldwide average

We wish to congratulate all of our IB students on the results they have achieved this week. Our IB Diploma Students (DP) achieved an average score of 33 points, which is in line with previous cohorts and 3 points above the worldwide average of 29.9, and our maximum individual points score was 40 out of a possible 45. In May 2019 this would have placed these pupils in the top 10% worldwide. The vast majority have met or exceeded their university offers, and we will support any who narrowly missed. In the absence of examinations, these were based on a combination of coursework, predicted grades and historic school and subject data. We are not yet sure of the exact combination that was used to calculate these results and there will certainly be some appeals on individual results where pupils are close to the upper boundary. 

Our Career Programme (CP) students did well in their challenging Reflective Projects and completed a diverse service learning portfolio. Our IBCP Coordinator Ben Knights said: “This is a pleasing set of results which evidence the personal development made by our 2020 IBCP cohort. They leave the Anglo European Sixth Form with “work ready” competencies which, through their Service Learning and Language Development portfolios, showcase their sustained engagement. I am especially proud of the reflective projects undertaken by this group, as all students thoughtfully reflected upon an ethical dilemma within their career-related study, allowing them to demonstrate all IB Learner Profile characteristics. I wish them well for the future.” As a school we are quite unique in offering A levels in combination with single IB subjects and there were many positive individual results amongst this group, which will be combined with their A level results in August.

The Headteachers, David Barrs and Jody Gee said: “Results day is a stop-over on your journey which began two years ago and now takes you to the edge of the cliff and gives you wings to fly.  Whatever the circumstances, those results mean something but do not ever forget the IB Mission – to make the world a better place.  Despite missing school we have all learned so much from our experience of COVID 19 – the greatness and the fragility of our common humanity.  Don’t allow yourself to be defined by the global lockdown .  The world is ripe for change and you are well-placed, as part of a global network of IB graduates, to be the leaders of that change.”

Our IB Curriculum Manager Susannah Porsz said: “I am really proud of every one of our IB Students, they worked hard throughout the two years and the overall results are pleasing. Some pupils would have undoubtedly achieved a higher grade had they been able to take the examinations as planned, and these pupils have the option to retake in November 2020, as we are offering this session for the first time ever. The IB is about so much more than results and these students are well-rounded, global citizens who will no doubt be the leaders of the future. I wish them all every success, no matter what path they take.”

GCSE Results

Another generation of Anglo students opened their envelopes at school today to discover what they had achieved at GCSE.  Staff were on hand to congratulate them and share their delight as well as support those who needed it.

Jody Gee, co-headteacher said “There are many wonderful individual stories in this set of results.  We are really proud of their achievements and look forward to working with them for another two years in our Sixth Form.   For those who will tread pastures new, we wish them every success but we are on hand to advise any of our students about their next steps”

A quarter of the grades awarded to the students were 7,8 or 9 which are the highest available. Nationally the figure is 21%.  The progress made by all students was positive.  Co-headteacher , David Barrs explained  “This means our students  met or exceeded the very challenging targets the school set which is something we are particularly proud of given that all students follow  a very broad curriculum including languages, humanities, Citizenship and the arts – an average of 10 GCSEs per student with a pass rate of  83%”.  The national average pass rate is currently 67%

Deputy Headteacher, Mike Seager, added, “With these more difficult GCSEs it is a credit to our students and staff that we continue to perform well at this level”

A particular highlight was languages in terms of the numbers entered and the grades achieved, maintaining the school’s position as a centre of excellence.

Whilst the results are yet to be verified, the indications are very encouraging.

Sixth Form Results

Congratulations to our Sixth Formers who have achieved, once again, some exceptional results.

The school recently celebrated some world class achievements with the publication of our International Baccalaureate Diploma results.  Having pioneered the programme in the state sector in 1977, the school has consistently performed above world averages.  This year the average point score globally was 29 (out of a maximum of 45) and the average at the Anglo was 34.  Our students have already secured their university or apprenticeship places and their summer holiday began in earnest in early July.

Co-headteacher, David Barrs, commented “The IB sets this school apart in the UK state sector.  It is recognised as a broad, challenging, internationally-minded qualification.  Its philosophy influences much of what we do here at the Anglo and we are delighted that another generation of IB graduates can move confidently on to the next stage of their lives”.

Today we congratulate our A level cohort who have secured impressive results with over a quarter of all grades awarded being at A* or A grade. The average point score per student has also increased and this includes a number of students who take four A levels in line with our strong commitment to a broad curriculum. 

This breadth also includes BTEC and Institute for Financial Studies courses, the latter returning a 100% pass rate.  It also includes the IB Career Programme which the school has also pioneered, being the first school to offer it in 2010.  

Co-headteacher, Jody Gee, commented, “We are extremely proud of what our students have achieved which is testament to their ambition, hard work and the commitment of our dedicated staff. Students are now considering their options which include university and apprenticeships.  Four students have already secured places at Oxbridge.  We wish all of our students every success for their future studies”.

Over three quarters of the sixth form students have already secured their university courses and they can now look forward to starting their undergraduate studies at the university of their choice.  Over the coming days, we expect this proportion to increase significantly as universities confirm places for our outstanding candidates. These offers include successful Oxbridge candidates, such as a student reading Mathematics at Oxford having gained four A* grades at A level and another student studying Medicine at the new ARU Medical School in Chelmsford having gained A* & A grades. They also include a student reading Liberal Arts in the USA having gained 37 points on the IB and another reading Japanese at Leeds University having gained an outstanding A level and BTEC grades.  Once again, our students have been successful in their applications nationally and internationally in a broad range of courses that reflect the aims of the school.

A Level Results

A level results were published today, and a steady stream of students arrived at school to open their brown envelopes, with staff on hand to share the celebrations and offer advice and support where necessary. It is an important moment for all concerned. We would like to, first of all, offer our thanks for the hard work put into this process over the past two years by all concerned, and also to offer our congratulations as our results show continued increases on last year. Viewed alongside the IB Diploma results published in early July, it is clear why our Sixth Form is considered outstanding and well above average both nationally and internationally.

In conjunction with other local schools, we have declined to provide raw percentage results to the local press, preferring to concentrate on the great features of the quality of education on offer in our schools and the impressive stories behind some of the individual achievements where that is appropriate.

A levels have undergone significant change in recent years, such that they do not easily bear comparison with previous years. To do so, also undermines the achievements of the current generation of students. We are also well aware that all the data we have received today is provisional and still subject to challenge. Indeed, we are currently in touch with three examination boards where we still have unresolved queries. Validated results for all schools will be published by the Department for Education in the next few months.
Early indications suggest that we have increased the pass rate and the number of higher grades, boys have performed almost as well as girls, with as many boys as girls in our top 10 highest performers, and of the 26 subjects we offer in our Sixth Form at A Level, 24 have secured 100% pass rates. 12 of our top 15 highest performers studied 4 A levels and our average point score, using the data available, has increased by 9 points from 101.8 to 110.

Even more importantly, we continue to see a very high proportion of students who are being offered their first choice at university. Mr. Newton, our Assistant Head/Director of Sixth Form explains: “having made a number of phone calls to universities today, it is clear that the breadth of our offer including an expectation that students study 4 A levels, in addition to the opportunity to mix A levels with IB courses, the requirement to study a language and the challenge that our international Sixth Form offers in a general sense, is a telling factor and impresses universities”. In addition to UK universities and gap years, we also have significant numbers of students accepting places in universities as far afield as Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Finland and Spain.

Students celebrate years of hard work as they receive their GCSE results

Anglo students celebrated 5 years of hard work today when they received their GCSE results. Although we move in to a new era of GCSEs with a new grading system, the emotions remain the same – excitement, elation, joy and relief. Some will, of course, be disappointed but the overwhelming feeling today was positive, as young people of all abilities sensed real achievement.

With the changes, it is not possible to compare with previous years but what we can say is that our students have enjoyed remarkable success in a range of subjects which is a hallmark of the Anglo’s broad, baccalaureate curriculum. They are well-prepared to move on to the next stage of their educational journey. In fact, no less than nine subjects achieved 100% grade A*-C, the average grade in 19 subjects was a Grade A*, A or B and in 27 subjects the pass rate was 100%.

In addition to success in English, Mathematics and Science, 73% of our students achieved at least one good grade (A*-C) in a modern foreign language, 90% achieved a Level 4 (a pass in the new system of grading) in English Language/Literature and almost 80% did so in Mathematics – both of which have been made more challenging this year. Indeed, in English 36% achieved a Grade 7-9 (equivalent to the old Grade A, A* and A*+) and 21% did so in Mathematics. Altogether, Anglo students sat a GCSE in 12 languages – who said the British were not good at learning languages?!

Whilst it is no longer possible to compare with previous years, we can compare with the national picture; the % of students achieving a Grade C or the new Grade 4 is 75% for the Anglo (nationally 66.3%); those achieving a Grade A or 7 is 29.2% at the Anglo (20% nationally); English Literature Grade 4+ 85.6% (71.9%), English Language 83.1% (64.9%) and Mathematics 77.6% (69%).

Co-headteacher, David Barrs, said “The way in which our staff and students have responded to the changes in GCSEs this year has been impressive. The removal of coursework and staged unit assessments plus the re-writing of the syllabus specifications have made the exams far more challenging. We must continue to manage these changes but also be aware of the additional pressures this places on our students.”

Jody Gee, Co-headteacher, added “One new aspect in the results table this year is the introduction of the new Grade 9, a “gold standard” which exceeds the A* level of attainment and is awarded to the top 1% of students nationally. We were particularly delighted to achieve 4 in English Language, 10 in English literature and 4 in Mathematics in this first year; an exceptional achievement for these students.”

Note: As of this year, GCSE’s have been made deliberately more challenging as a result of Government policy and, of course, a new 9-1 grading system is being introduced starting with English and Mathematics. It is not possible, therefore, to make comparisons with previous years and the 9-1 grading system must not be compared to the A*-U system that is being phased out.

One consequence of this, is that it is not possible to talk of ‘record’ results in a general sense, but the school will be assessing each department against the targets we set to ensure that progress continues and variations between subjects are minimised.

A level Students Celebrate their Results

Today, our A level students joined their International Baccalaureate peers in celebrating their results.

Despite many changes in the way in which A levels are now organised, Anglo students achieved their customary excellent results – well done!  Mrs Gee and Mr Barrs were present to share in the successes and learn about their next steps.  79% of our students have secured their first choice of university, including almost a third of our Sixth Form progressing to ‘higher tariff’ (Russell Group) universities, which is an outstanding achievement.  We also know that, as we write, a number of near-miss students are having very constructive conversations with their preferred universities and the unique Anglo experience, which is broad and outward looking, is a common point of reference in those conversations. Indeed, during this summer holiday alone we have had 16 students in Lesotho working in the  our partner community in Malalea  as well as 15 students in Nicaragua on a World Challenge expedition. The breadth of the curriculum is further demonstrated with Anglo students achieving success in 8 different languages this year as well as over 60% of students studying Mathematics and Sciences.

As one would expect at the Anglo, many are also heading for universities abroad including  Denmark and Spain.  A variety of degree subjects are being pursued ranging from Law and Medicine to Automotive Engineering, International Relations and Languages.

Director of Sixth for and Assistant Headteacher, Stuart Newton, said “As in keeping with the unique set of programmes that we offer at AES, I am particularly pleased with the acceptance rate from universities who appreciate the full range of courses that we offer at all levels and the wide range of experiences our students can evidence that make them stand out from the crowd both in the UK and overseas. ”.

IB Diploma students averaged 33 out of a maximum 45 points against a world average of 30.  One student, achieved the full 45 points, placing her in the top 1% of over 150,000 students who sat the examination worldwide.  Students following the IB Career Programme study some A levels  and all passed. At A level a third of our students secured grades at A*-B and 97% secured grades at A*-E.  Overall of all the qualifications sat, almost one in 5 of the grades awarded were A*/A and over 45% were awarded at A*-B.

These results come about from the hard work of students , staff and parents.  Thank you and congratulations to you all.

Please note that all data relating to A level is provisional and subject to verification including remarks.  IB data is secure.

Phenomenal GCSE success for our students

Many smiling faces brightened the Anglo today as GCSE results were announced. Co-headteacher, David Barrs, explained, “The Anglo offers a very broad and distinctive education which involves students in studying the arts, humanities, technology and languages as well as the required statutory subjects of Citizenship, English, Mathematics, PE and Science.

It is a challenging but rewarding education which prepares them well for their futures”. This breadth is reflected in the English Baccalaureate where over half of Anglo students have been recognised, well above the national average for state schools.

In a year when nationally higher grades are falling, the school has withstood these trends and continued to increase its A*-A grades which are up 3 % points to 31%. Also, yet again, as the gap between boys and girls has continued to widen, the difference at the Anglo is a mere 2% whilst nationally the % of boys achieving 5 A*-C has fallen to 62.4% – 9% below the equivalent figure for girls.

70% of students achieved A*-C in English and Mathematics of which 31% achieved A*/A grades. Four students, Franziska Beck, Eleanor Clarke, Sana Hassanali and Keir May achieved 11 A* and a further 8 students achieved 10 A*s. 100% achieved A*-G.

As a centre of excellence for language learning where every student studies at least one language and usually two if not three, these are particularly important statistics to note. The school continues to set very high standards in this area with 77% achieving at least one A*-C in a language. 63% achieved two such grades in a language and 14% achieved three. At a time when French and German entries nationally has continued to fall, this is particularly satisfying for the school. Again, actual results are not only up on last year in all languages but have bucked the national trend where they show a decline on last year.

Other highlights included an impressive 96, 95 and 97% A*-C in Biology, Chemistry and Physics respectively. National trends for Combined Science are down this year, whilst here at the Anglo they are up.

The school has also pioneered the use of the prestigious Cambridge International Examinations in the state sector and our History students obtained 91% A*-C without any fails. With the same board, 100% of students secured A*-C in English as a Second Language.

The increasingly important progress figure (Progress 8) is up from 0.26 to 0.34 which means most students made better progress towards their own potential. Co-Headteacher, Mrs Gee, said, “Many of our students have met and exceeded their own targets, set against national expectations; whether they were aiming for a B or an A *, their achievements, against expected outcomes are exceptional and we’re looking forward to working with them next year as they pursue their education at Anglo’s outstanding 6th form.”

The school has received record numbers of applications for the sixth form and, having increased its capacity, can consider late applications for those still seeking 6th form places for the International Baccalaureate and A level.

A level results day brings more success for the Anglo

Over 30 students at the Anglo secured their university places a month ago having received their International Baccalaureate results. For the second year running the IB Diploma students averaged 35 points (out of a maximum available of 45) against a global average of 30. The Anglo pioneered the IB in the state sector in 1977 and now secures results which exceed those in many independent schools.

Co-headteacher at the Anglo, David Barrs, said “This really is a world class education which prepares our students well for the modern world. It is a distinctive education and they join a community of 1.5 million IB Graduates worldwide from 136 different countries”. Three of the IB cohort are off to the University of Oxford.

The school also offers the IB Career Programme which is a more vocational approach to learning. All students secured places at university although they had to wait until today because they study two A levels alongside IB subjects. In addition to their subject studies IBCP students also study approaches to learning and languages as well as complete a reflective project and engage in community service.

IB Manager, Marie-Louise Brown said “ I would like to congratulate the students. Our results are as good as they are because of their dedication, hard work and commitment. We are proud of them”.

Today, A level results day brought more success for the school.

All A level students at the Anglo study a language and most study 4 A levels. This approach mirrors the broad, baccalaureate approach which is a hallmark of an education at the Anglo. Mr Barrs , Co-Headteacher, added “our approach has proven success in getting young people where they want to go be it university or increasingly directly into work. A distinctive education develops distinctive young people who get noticed”. Almost 80% of students were offered a place at their favoured university whilst six students significantly exceeded expectations and are now looking at places at what are now called “higher tariff institutions”. Almost 70% of Anglo students students have secured places at these universities which is exceptional. The school has also set a record of 42% of its students securing paces at Russell Group universities.

Mrs Gee, Co-Headteacher said, “We’re delighted that the school bucked the national trend which showed a fall in the number of higher grades with 25% achieving grades A*/A compared to last year when it was 19%; these are exceptional results and we’re grateful to our outstanding teachers and support staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure our students have met or exceeded expectations”

Overall 48% achieved A*/B grades, 78% achieved A*-C grades and 99% achieved A*-E grades. Together with IB grades well over 30% of the grades were A*/A.

Anglo students celebrate impressive IB results

On July 6th nearly 150,000 International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) students around the world received their exam results.

They join a community of more than 1,493,820 IB graduates in 136 countries across the world. The number of students receiving their diplomas in the UK this year is 4,969, marking an increase on last year’s figures (4,925).

The Anglo European School celebrated their impressive results with a cohort average of 35 points, which compares favourably to the global diploma score of 30 (out of a maximum of 45.) The average pass rate for the UK was 34.6 points. Four students from Anglo attained over 40 in their diploma with the highest result at 43. Though statistics haven’t been finalised for this year, if we look at previous averages, a score of 43 would put this student into the top 2% of IB results globally – an incredible achievement.

The IBCP is the newest addition to the IB’s continuum and Anglo European was the first school in the country to launch the programme. It is designed for students wishing to engage in career-related learning while gaining transferable skills sought after by employers. IBCP students have received their results for the DP subjects studied within the CP and now await their A Level results in August.

“I’d like to praise and congratulate the students; these results are as good as they are because our students have shown great dedication, commitment and hard work in their learning. We are very proud of what they have achieved.”

Marie-Louise Brown – IB Curriculum Manager

“Independent research confirms that the IB improves students’ academic achievement, as well as their probability of high school graduation and college enrolment, and it is clear that our students are better prepared to succeed in post-secondary settings.

“And, perhaps more importantly, they’re better prepared to contribute in helping to make the world a better place.”

Dr Siva Kumari, IB Director General.